Reflecting on 2019 and the Past Decade

Happy New Year! It’s crazy to think that we’re in 2020 already! It really doesn’t feel so long ago that we were entering the millennium. And now 20 years later, 2020 feels like a major milestone year to finally reach. I’m excited for this new year and decade (although I don’t know what to expect or what’s in store for me). But I’m hoping this new decade will bring new growth and experiences like the past decade.

This is a very cliche blogger thing to do…but I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on this past year (2019) and the past decade – what has happened, what I’ve learned ad experienced, and how all that has shaped me as a person.

Photo from our staycation at the Embassy Suites Chicago Magnificent Mile

Reflecting on 2019

2019 seemed like such a blur. There were days and nights that seemed to be so long (because the twins were and are not sleeping through the night). But at the same time, the year just flew by! We celebrated Cruz and Levi’s first birthday! I’m so happy we survived the first year as parents of twins. I’m hoping it gets easier…which a few twin parents have told me otherwise. Cruz and Levi took their first steps in 2019 – which was huge! Now they’re mobile!

Luke started the 2nd grade in 2019. It feels like yesterday that he was in kindergarten. I’m trying to keep up with him and his school work.

Thanks to the blog and Instagram, I got a chance to partner and collaborate with some really amazing companies and brands. I had really had so much fun and my creativity flourished. And at the same time, Luke and twins were able to enjoy some fun kid activities and experiences.

We traveled twice in 2019 – our family spring break in Charleston was our first trip as a family of 5. We also ventured on our first overseas family trip to London for a week in August. Both trips were a lot of work with two additional travelers but so memorable.

Looking back, we did so much as a family in 2019. There were weeks where I felt I couldn’t catch my breath – trying to juggle work, home, Luke’s school work, and the twins’ need for my attention…and trying to have a social life. But 2019 was a great year with so many memories. There were some bumps during the year but I think the highlights far surpassed the bumps. I hope we continue to make more fun memories with this family of mine.

My Major Milestones of the Past Decade

Last week, I decided to write down my major milestones from this past decade and realized I had so many life changes in just 10 years! This was so different compared to the the first decade of the millennium. Some of these experiences I would’ve expected to occur in the prior decade like getting married and having kids. But I’m so happy they happened when they did because they shaped me to be a better person.

I got married 2011

Photo credit: Laurie Peacock

Charlie and I got married in 2011 in Chicago. I went from calling him my boyfriend to fiancé to husband within a year! This was a major milestone for me since I always thought I would get married in my 20s but God had better plans. I found someone that I knew I could spend the rest of my life with and he still makes me so very happy.

I became a mom in 2012

Photo credit: Laurie Peacock

Little did I know that 10 months after I got married that I would be a mom. I always knew I wanted to be a mom but probably not so soon after I got married. But again, God had better plans. We welcomed Luke in 2012 and he changed my life! He gave me the biggest role and responsibility of my life – being his mom!

I started my blog in 2013

I went through so many changes as a new mom and I wanted an outlet to express all that. So I decided to start my blog in 2013, shortly after Luke turned one, with little or no knowledge on how to blog. I still don’t know that much about the blogging world but this blog has brought so much growth and new connections to my life that I don’t think I would’ve have gotten if I didn’t have my blog.

I experienced secondary infertility

One of the turning points of the past decade was experiencing miscarriages and secondary infertility. My heart broke more than a few times. This was something that I never thought would happen to me. But the experience has helped me become a more patient, understanding and open-minded towards others. And mostly….not to live by my own life expectations but just to live.

I turned the big 4-0

Growing up, I always thought being 40 meant you weren’t cool anymore. But I truly think 40 is the new 20. I still feel young and cool (sometimes). I was happy when finally turn 40. I’m more comfortable in my own skin that I have ever been.

We welcomed identical twin boys

The biggest surprise of the past decade was that we welcomed identical twin boys (when we decided to stop “trying” and were at peace with having an only child). But like I said before, God had better plans. Life right now has been a beautiful mess with Cruz and Levi in our lives! Luke loves being their big brother.

I made so many new friends

Thanks to motherhood and this blog, I have made so many new friends that share the same interest. I’ve also had to let go of a few toxic friendships outside of motherhood and the blog. And I’m happy to have kept some life-long friendships.

We traveled to so many amazing places

Photo credit: Kate Donnelly

Throughout all the ups and downs during the past decade, I’m very happy and fortunate to know that I got to visit so many beautiful and fun cities around the world.

So in the short 10 years, we’ve been to the following cities (you can also see the blog posts on the “Travels” section of the my blog).

Our Plans for 2020

I don’t know what’s in store for the next decade or in 2020…but I’m currently making a few plans (not expectations) of what I want us to accomplish. Stay tuned!

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