French Friday! Why I Love to Visit Paris So Often

Happy French Friday!



The other day I sent a friend a text message of a picture that I took while we were in Paris last month. She texted back asking why I go to Paris every year. Why don’t I go somewhere else. What is so special about Paris? At first, I got a bit defensive. I was going to text back and list the various reasons why I love the city. But the good thing about text messages is that you can wait a little while to send messages. So I thought about for a minute and sent her another message. I wrote- “Why not?” And then I told her, we were there two years ago, not last year. LOL! AND…I found cheap tickets. So there!

Most importantly….Paris is Always a Good Idea!



But seriously, there is something about Paris that keeps me coming back and it’s the love of the city. I know Paris is not everyone but for me, it’s the perfect city to visit. I love the architecture, the food, and the whole Parisian vibe. And it’s such a photogenic city. Almost everywhere I go or everything I see is like a perfect photograph. There is so much to the city that I discover something new every time we go. I would love to spend a summer in Paris and wander the streets (with a croissant in hand) so I can admire the storefronts and the details of every corner.


Paris was the first European trip Charlie and I took together back in 2008. We had so many fun memories on that trip that we knew we would go back as much as we could.

During our most recent trip Paris in April, we did a few new things and discovered some gems. But every time I leave, I have this hunger to want to see more of the city. There’s so much to explore and discover. Here are a few things we did and a few more reasons why I love to visit Paris so often!

Luke Got to Sail the Boats At Luxembourg Gardens


This was the top thing I wanted Luke to do in Paris and he loved it!! He wanted to stay there all day but unfortunately it started raining. We will be back here for sure the next time we are in Paris.

We Strolled Down Rue Montorgueil 




We bought some strawberries for snack and walked up and down the street admiring the markets and all the stores. I hope to make it back here in the summer to truly experience the scene here.

Luke Enjoyed a Chocolate Macaron Every Day


Chocolate is one of Luke’s favorite desserts and snacks. He had to have one chocolate macaron every day!

We Discovered that Patisseries Have Tea Rooms 

We met up with my friend from La Cuisine Paris at a Sebastien Gaudard for tea. This was when I realized that some patisseries have tea salons to enjoy the pastries with tea. It’s not like the English tea but it was a great way to enjoy a pastry, especially when you’re 20 weeks pregnant. The picture above is the exterior of the patisserie. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the interior, which is really cute.

We Finally Got to Explore Gallerie Vivienne



The Gallerie Vivienne passage in Paris is so famous that I’m surprised we never visited the place. It’s just as cute as the pictures I’ve seen.

I Finally Got to Enjoy Coffee At Cafe Kitsune



We missed going to Cafe Kitsune the last time I was in Paris so I was determined to make it here this time. The coffee did not disappoint. There’s not a lot of space in the cafe to sit so we sat at the fountain outside.

We Stayed in a Hotel with A Beautiful View


My dream has always stay in a Parisian hotel or home with a view, especially one with great architecture across the street. This time, we stayed at the Hilton Paris Opera. The service there was superb and our room was quite roomy for the three of us.

We Managed to Get At Least One Family Portrait


We didn’t hire a professional photographer but I knew I wanted a picture of us at the Eiffel Tower! Thanks to the kind lady who agreed to take a picture of us.

It’s quite serendipitous as Charlie and I took a baby moon when we were 20 weeks pregnant with Luke to Paris. We were 20 weeks pregnant with the twins during this last trip. The only difference is that we didn’t know it we were pregnant when we booked this trip.

Paris has given us so man memories. We hope to create more with our expanded family in the future.

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