Let’s Explore! 3 Chicago Parking Garages with Unique Views


I’m a bit biased but I think Chicago has THE best skyline in the world. From just about anywhere, the city’s skyline and the architecture of the buildings just take your breath away. There are a few places in the city where you go up really high and pay to see the buildings up close – The Skydeck and the Hancock Tower. But did you know you can get some of the best views by just checking out the top floors of some of the city’s parking garages? And it’s free (if you don’t park your car in there).

On Saturday morning,  my little family and I went on an adventure to take in the views at three garages, which all happen to be in River North. I also got the chance to wear my new Narvik Street jacket on the 30 degree morning and found that the jacket did everything it said it would – it kept me comfortably warm with only a long sleeve knit shirt underneath and a scarf.

I’ve partnered with Narvik to share my three favorite Chicago spots (parking garages) that offer unique views of the city. I hope you enjoy!


This parking garage is in the middle of all the River North restaurants and behind  the Michigan Avenue shops. It’s 12 stories high and the buildings around this garage are pretty high and close that you feel like they’re hugging you. The garage does tend to get full because the area gets busy so I suggest going early in the morning (with less cars/traffic) or later in the evening (to get great night time views).










We recently just found out about the views of this garage because our church is nearby and this is where we have to park while our church parking lot is under construction. We happened to drive to the top of this nine story garage in the spring and were blown away with the views. What makes this parking garage so unique is that you can see part of the “L” tracks that turns and curves around the buildings from here.  Luke loves watching the trains pass by from so high up.






I have to admit, this is one of my favorite parking garages because the view of the Chicago skyline is exceptional and unobstructed as there are no other taller buildings nearby. The view to the west is the old Montgomery Wards warehouse. The garage is five stories high. The best time to visit this garage is on the weekends.






Living in Chicago, you definitely need a good jacket to keep you warm, especially in the winter. I found my Narvik jacket to be quite light in weight and actually kept me warm.  The great thing about Narvik jackets is that they have this ThermalTech fabric (coated with 100% stainless mesh) that when exposed to sunlight or body heat, the jacket will heat up and keep you warm. My husband, the engineer, was quite blown away when I told him this. But what it means for me is no more bulky, puffy coats. Now I get to wear a lighter coat that still keeps me warm, without the weight and looking like the Stay Puft Man. Well, the Stay Puft Man is cute but not my look. Hehe.



Thank you Narvik Works for sponsoring this post. All pictures and opinions in the post are my own.



Let’s Eat! Nurture Life Meal Delivery




I would love to say that I’m a great cook and enjoy cooking, but unfortunately my cooking is sub par and I don’t like cooking as much as some of my friends do. Sometimes I feel guilty for even saying that but to be honest, meal planning for the week and just having the time to cook are stressful to me since I work full time. I do, however, try to cook a meal for my family almost every night of the week since it’s important for me to have the family eat together and to know that I’m providing Luke with a healthy meal at dinner. But there are days when I don’t have time to cook or that I know Luke won’t eat what I cook (I never said my cooking is great) that I feel like I need the extra help.


A few weeks ago, we tried out a new food delivery service called Nurture Life, which is different from other food delivery service companies because they deliver foods for babies, toddlers and kids. It is important to me to know what Luke is eating. So when I found out about Nurture Life, I thought the service would fit into our lifestyle. Nurture Life provides fresh, organic, ready to eat food for kids delivered straight to your door. The company is located in Chicago  but has services in other cities around the country. After trying out the service, I wanted to share some things I liked about it.

It’s convenient

Convenience is key! I don’t have to go to the grocery store to buy anything. I don’t have to leave my house to get the food. A week’s supply (5 days) is delivered to my door in a cold storage box. I just have to put the meals in the fridge or freezer after they are delivered.

When ordering, I was able to pick the day you want the food delivered.  I received an email notification about the shipment so you know when you’ll receive it.  I found that aspect to be so helpful in saving me time and the stress of having to plan, shop for and cook Luke’s meals every day.

It’s a good back up

There are days that I’m running home from work late and I know if I cook something, Luke will be eating his dinner later than usual.  So for those days, I used Nurture Life as the meals are ready in few minutes in the microwave or 10 minutes or so in the oven, depending on whether the meals have been refrigerated or in the freezer. That way, Luke still gets to have his dinner at around his usual time.

I tried not to feed Luke a meal from Nurture Life every day because I knew he would get tired of seeing a meal coming from the box. I mixed it up with meals that I cooked and Nurture Life meals for days that I didn’t have time to prepare a meal for him.

The selection process is easy

Nurture Life has you select your child’s meals a week before they are meals delivered. There are about 10 meals you can choose from. You can pick from five meals for the week or more. If you select five meals, you can select five different meals  or a few of the same ones. Just add those meals to your cart.

The ingredients are easy to understand

The ingredients are simple and straight forward. I can actually understand all the ingredients for each meal. There’s no guessing.. These are normally the same ingredients I would put in our home cooked meals.

It’s a flexible commitment

I like that you can suspend the delivery service for weeks you don’t plan to be using the meals. That way, you don’t end up with all these meals in the freezer or unused. You can start again whenever you want to replenish.

It’s a great way for your child to try different foods

As a typical four year old, Luke loves macaroni and cheese and cheese pizza. But I was surprised that he really enjoyed the salmon teriyaki dish the most. Now he tells me he loves fish. I’m like what? His other favorites are the gnocchi, turkey meatloaf, and spaghetti and chicken meatballs.

Overall, I think it’s a great service, especially for my busy lifestyle and it’s something I really need at the moment. Time management and cooking are not my best attributes. Sometimes it’s nice to know that there is a good back up plan, especially when the meals are organic and freshly prepared.


Nurture Life provided the meals for my family to try. We have since signed up and are paying for the service. All opinions in this post are mine. 





Let’s Explore! The University of Chicago with the Foxy Duo




What goes perfectly together in the fall? Foxes and fall foliage, of course! And what’s even better? Twinning mom and son fox shirts!

Fall foliage in Chicago is beautiful. If you get a chance to visit Chicago, I highly recommend visiting in the fall.

Last Saturday, I had the inspiration to go on a scavenger hunt for red ivy. So we decided to go to the University of Chicago in Hyde Park since I knew the place is filled with ivy with changing colors. The fall foliage there did not disappoint! I was in fall heaven, if there ever was such a place.  The one unique thing about the University of Chicago is that it really feels like you’re in another world (or Harry Potter’s world). You’re still in Chicago but away from the hustle and bustle.

I wanted to make it an adventure for Luke while we were there so we ran around the campus watching the leaves fall and picking up leaves and throwing the up in the air. To sum it up, it was a perfect fall afternoon in Chicago. And it was the perfect perfect location to capture some twinning photos in our coordinating fox shirts. I mean…the fall colors just seemed to be the perfect backdrop.






I’ve had the fox sweater from Old Navy from three years ago when Luke and I twinned in our coordinating sweaters. You can see a trip down memory lane here. I was tempted to get the Fox Sweater at the Loft AND the J.Crew Factory Fox Teddie Sweater this year since I’m obsessed with fox sweaters but didn’t get either one in time to wear on this adventure. But they are still in my shopping carts…maybe for next year’s twinning outfit? And my boots of the season are the Sorel Major Pull On.

I wish I would’ve bought Luke’s fox sweater in multiple sizes three years ago but luckily, Target does sell updated fox shirts every year. So I snatched up this toddler boy’s fox crew t-shirt when I saw it a month ago..and I bought it in multiple sizes. It was easier three years ago to put a sweater on Luke with no push back. But now that he’s four years old, all he wants to wear is superhero shirts. So to convince to wear the fox shirt that I got from Target, I had to show him the “What Does The Fox Say” video on YouTube. After watching it, he was quite excited to sport the fox shirt around town! Whew! Mission accomplished!




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