Let’s Celebrate! Summer 2019 in Chicago

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A few years ago, I wanted to to have a “Summer of Leyla“, which was essentially my plans to make the best of summer of 2017 with a new attitude. Well, it was just an excuse to make that summer all about ME! To take care of my mental health. To have a new outlook on life. Essentially moving on from trying to conceive.

Maybe it was that carefree mentality that helped take the stress and the focus away from trying to have another child that I ended up getting pregnant that following winter? I think so….

Last summer was all about the arrival of Cruz and Levi, which I absolutely soaked in the newborn stage! I decided not to do any planning this summer because I’m still trying to catch up on sleep. But somehow we ended up doing so much! It’s funny how that always happens.

Sesame Street 50th Anniversary Road Trip

The month of July has always been special to me. It’s the month that Charlie and went on our first date, when we found out we were pregnant with Luke, and most recently…when the twins were born. So it’s fair to say that July is my favorite month and summer and my favorite season!

Our family at Lollapalooza

Although summer is not officially over yet, I wanted to share some highlights from this summer in Chicago because in a week we are leaving for our vacation in London (I can’t wait!). Luke will be back to school after we return, which normally means the end of summer for me. In addition to celebrating Cruz & Levi’s first birthday, here is a list of fun things we’ve done so far this summer.

Had Chocolate Frappes at L.A. Burdick Chocolates

We discovered L.A. Burdick Chocolates this past winter when I tried their hot chocolate, which is simply amazing! We were invited back to try their chocolate frappes, which is essentially cold hot chocolate. It was so good that you can basically drink one as a meal. The Chicago location is at 609 N. State St.

Partnered with Bounty Paper Towels on Their Bounty 150 Activation at the Chicagoland Speedway

In late June, we found an excuse to take Luke to the Chicagoland Speedway, in Joliet, Illinois, since he loves cars and race cars, thanks to a fun activation partnership with Bounty Paper Towels. While there, we got to see how strong Bounty’s paper towels really are and why they are the #quickerpickerupper. Afterwards, we went into the speedway and watched the race cars zip by. It was such a fun and cool experience for me, Charlie and especially Luke!

Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary Road Trip

Met Cookie Monster at the Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary Road Trip at the Lactaid Activation

We’re huge fans of Sesame Street so when Lactaid reached out to us and asked if we wanted to meet Cookie Monster to have milk and cookies with him, I jumped at the opportunity. Plus…I’m lactose intolerant so drinking Lactaid milk seemed to be the perfect fit for this partnership. While tehre, we were able to check out some of the fun things at the activation, including sitting on the door step at Sesame Street!

Tried Out a New Restaurant – Cafe Cancale

If you’re ever in Chicago during the Fourth of July weekend, you would know that it’s pretty easy to get into popular restaurants. We decided to check out the new French(ish) restaurant in Wicker Park – Cafe Cancale. I was surprised to see that they had quenelles on the menu, which is a dish that you can only find in Lyon! The restaurant had high chairs for the twins but no kids menu for Luke, which was fine because we shared the steak frites dish.

Celebrated Bastille Day with Margeaux Brasserie in the Waldolf Astoria Chicago Courtyard

Did I ever mention I’m a huge Francophile? I happily accepted the invitation to Waldorf Astoria Chicago x Margeaux Brasserie 2nd anniversary Bastille Day celebration in their courtyard. The celebration included plenty of rose, French food, and activities. I can’t wait to go back next year!

Enjoyed Free Ice Cream at Navy Pier at the Stitch Fix Kids Activation

When Stitch Fix told us they were giving away free VanX ice cream at the Navy Pier activation, I asked them if we can have more than cup. haha. We joined the activation for free ice cream and some fun goodies from Stitch Fix Kids, which is a subscription service for kids. I think it was serendipitous that my new yellow maxi dress from Anthropologie matched with the activation!

Took the Twins to Their First Lollapolooza

It’s been our family tradition to go to Lollapalooza every summer. The twins were still too small last year to go but we took them this year and they loved Kidzapalooza! It was so cute to see them clap to the music. I was scared at first to bring them but Grant Park has so many places to sit and the festival has so many things to do and see.

Partnered with Fifth Third Bank and Caught the Fee Shark at Navy Pier

We partnered with Fifth Third Bank at their Navy Pier activation for our followers to learn more about the Fee Shark. Just in case you didn’t know what a fee shark is, it’s a land-based shark that feeds only on ATM fees (and wears khakis – LOL!). Luke had fun checking out the big fee shark and even tried to dunk it in the water tank.

Took An Architecture Cruise with the Chicago Architecture Center

The Chicago Architecture Center invited us on an architecture cruise last week. It was the perfect opportunity for me and Luke to take a mother/son date and it couldn’t have been the best weather for it. Luke learned about all the buildings and I was happy to take pictures and videos of him along the way. I highly recommend taking an architecture cruise if you live in or plan to visit Chicago!

Saw the Wizard of Oz at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater

This past weekend, we were invited by the Chicago Shakespeare Theater to The Wizard Of Oz show. It exceeded by expectations! I thought the singing, acting, costumes, and sound effects were so good. I found it very entertaining and great for everyone of any age!

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