Let’s Get Real: I Can’t Wait to Sleep Through the Night, Too!

Let’s talk about sleep or for me, lack thereof!

We took this picture in March during our staycation at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Chicago – Magnificent Mile for Luke’s 7th birthday. It was a great stay because we had two adjoining rooms so there was plenty of space and beds for all of us to spread around. Luke loved it since he loves staying at hotels and the twins were excited for the change in scenery.

Some friends have told me that I make life with twins look easy. In reality, it isn’t. But I got some great help – Charlie and Luke. And don’t believe everything you see on social media! It’s been hard and one of the hardest things is trying to get sleep in whenever possible for both me and Charlie.

I wish the twins were sleeping through the night, but they are not. Which means we are not sleeping through the night either. Even when they have good stretches of more than 6 hours of sleep, I tend to wake up wondering why they haven’t woken me up yet.

I remember with Luke, he didn’t start sleeping through the night until he turned a year old. Since the twins just turned 11 months old, I’m hoping they will be like Luke and that we are getting closer to the full night, uninterrupted sleep schedule. I can’t wait! Because right now I feel and look like a “mombie.”

What is a mombie you ask? It’s a mom + zombie. LOL!

Some days it feels like I’m in a fog. I’m too tired to put on make up, do my hair and show up at work in a fog. I’m cranky at work and impatient with Luke. I feel like I don’t have my act together and everything just feels like a mess. I have so much to do yet I don’t know what I should be doing. Some days it feels overwhelming. But on days when the twins only get up once at night, I feel like a million bucks….like this twin mom thing isn’t so bad and I’m ready for any challenge.

So I just want to set the record straight. Life isn’t easy with twins but it isn’t terrible either. I love watching this new normal with our family grow and flourish. I’m still trying to figure out this twin mom thing. But I really think things will get easier once I can sleep through the night! And I can’t wait for that because I think getting the right amount of sleep would not only help with my productivity but will also put me in a better mood.

Want to know something funny though? Here we are trying to get the twins to sleep through the night and sleep past 6 AM… and we have Luke who is 7 and is sleeping through the night but has a hard time waking up in the morning. I guess you never win.

But I know one thing is for sure, a good night’s sleep never hurt anyone. I can’t wait until I’m able to get one myself!

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  1. Laura Vester says:

    Hi there Layla! I love your blog – the content is spot on with our family situation – twins plus a singleton. Not to mention we are city dwellers with a love for food and travel. Our twins are 2 months and I would love to pick your brain on family friendly activities and any tip and tricks that you’ve leaned about multiples!

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