Let’s Explore! Great Wolf Lodge’s Summer Camp-In Preview

Last Saturday, we drove up to Great Wolf Lodge in Gurnee, Illinois for a day to preview their summer camp-in rooms and activities, which also included a fun afternoon at the waterpark.

We were at Great Wolf Lodge in the fall but didn’t go to the waterpark since Luke had an eye infection from a bug bite. But this time we were all healthy and got to enjoy the waterpark and we all got to enjoy the waterpark together for the first time!

This summer, Great Wolf Lodge is running its first ever “Summer Camp-in” that includes camp-like activities for your kids during your family’s stay at the resort. The summer camp-in runs from May 24 to September 2. Camp-like activities include arts and craft activities such as face painting, balloon animals, and dream catchers; and competition activities such as camp bingo, rubber ducky 500, flamingo ring toss, and hula hoop competition. These activities are available throughout the day for your kids to enjoy and make fun memories of your family’s stay at the resort.

We got to preview the rooms with the camp-in theme, which was so cute! All equipped with a fake fire and a little tent!

Afterwards, we went to the waterpark where the twins had the best time since it was their first time in a waterpark. They loved the water and splashing around. I think they are water babies! Luke and Charlie then went to the bigger stuff at the waterpark while the twins took a nap after their big splash down!

Thank you Great Wolf Lodge for inviting us to such a fun day and helping us make some great family memories!

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