Let’s Eat! My #ParentWin Moment with Red Baron Pizza

This post is sponsored by Red Baron Pizza. All opinions and pictures in this post are my own.

A few things I can’t believe right now….Luke will be in the 2nd grade this year (how did that happen?), summer is almost over and I’m preparing for the “back-to-school” chaos, and the realization that I sometimes have to bribe Luke just for a kiss (he says he’s a big boy now).

I remember when Luke was a toddler and thinking it was going to be a long time before I had to pay any attention to or worry about the back to school madness. So I ignored it. But boy, did it creep up (fast!) and here I am worrying about back to school stuff like shopping for supplies and clothes, helping him find out who his teacher is and where the class is located, signing up for aftercare, and the list goes on and on. I was just getting used to summer!

Red Baron’s Parent Win Stations in Chicago

A few weeks ago, Red Baron Pizza gave Chicago families the ultimate back-to-school parent win: free pizza! Red Baron found that #ParentFail social media conversations spike during the chaotic time leading up to the new school year so they wanted to help solve some of that by dropping the “Parent Win Stations” loaded with Red Baron Pizza at Ogilvie Station and Union Station.

I was lucky to stop by Union Station on Tuesday and grabbed myself a free pizza and I even managed to take a few pictures with the Baroness! The passcode to open the refrigerator was “NEVERFLYSOLO” which seems to sum up motherhood. We can’t do it alone. And it’s okay to ask or receive help!

My #ParentWin Moment

I just realized something while trying to figure how to get this back-to-school thing done right…I’m actually a mom to a school-aged child! I mean, he’s not in kindergarten anymore or the first grade even but the 2nd grade! He’s already had two years of school under his belt. Which means this is my third year of trying to get this back to school thing figured out!

I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for the back-to-school season or get it right. I don’t think a lot of moms do. And I’m okay with it since I have a good (and tasty) “parent hack” to avoid the #ParentFail moments.

As a working mom, I have to juggle work and all the things at home – before/after school activities…and figure out dinner for everyone. I feel like I’m on an uphill battle to get everything done (did you get the reference to the picture of me and the stairs at Union Station?). I rely on Red Baron Pizza for days that I need a little extra help. Pizza is a crowd pleaser in our house and an easy solution for those busy days. It always makes me feel like I’m winning at this parenting thing when everyone is happy (and finishes their dinner). And trust me, pizza makes Luke happy.

So I took the free pizza home on Tuesday and surprised Luke with a Red Baron Pizza for dinner. He loved it, of course! I didn’t even have to ask for a kiss. He was so happy that he got to eat tasty pizza (with the perfect crust*) for dinner that he gave me a kiss. If you want a way to Luke’s heart, just give him good pizza to eat. Of course, that melted my heart and gave me a total #ParentWin moment, especially during this busy back-to-school season!

Thanks Red Baron for this special moment and meal that I got to share with Luke!

*Red Baron offers three multi-serve pizza crust varieties, including Classic Crust, Brick Oven and Thin & Crispy – each with a signature texture that bakes to a delicious golden brown just the right crunch. We had the classic crust because it’s my favorite.

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