Let’s Celebrate! National Chocolate Day

Happy National Chocolate Day! I don't know who makes up these unofficial national holidays but I kinda think they're fun. I think today might be Luke's favorite since it's all about chocolate! To celebrate National Chocolate Day, we're enjoying chocolate from Wonder Ball, the chocolate candy from the 90's. I'm not a child of the … Continue reading Let’s Celebrate! National Chocolate Day

Let’s Eat! Lunch at Parson’s Chicken & Fish

Happy Labor Day weekend! Although Labor Day seems to be the unofficial end of summer for some, it's still summer for me until the Fall Solstice starts on September 22nd.  So from now until then, I will be sharing more of what I did during the Summer of Leyla! We've always wanted to go to … Continue reading Let’s Eat! Lunch at Parson’s Chicken & Fish

Let’s Celebrate! Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Last Sunday we tried something different. We ventured out to the suburbs - to Schaumburg to be exact.  We did something I never thought I'd do, we went to Medieval Times! And it was so fun and such an adventure! There are only a handful Medieval Times locations in the city and we are lucky … Continue reading Let’s Celebrate! Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament