Let’s Celebrate! National Chocolate Day




Happy National Chocolate Day!

I don’t know who makes up these unofficial national holidays but I kinda think they’re fun. I think today might be Luke’s favorite since it’s all about chocolate!

To celebrate National Chocolate Day, we’re enjoying chocolate from Wonder Ball, the chocolate candy from the 90’s. I’m not a child of the 90’s but I do remember my younger brother loving the Wonder Ball, which was made of a milk chocolate shell and came with candy inside.  It was fun to watch him open the box, unwrap the foil, and crack opened the chocolate ball to see what other candy he got inside.

It’s nostalgic for me now since I’m seeing Luke do the same thing.  Now the candy is back for Luke to enjoy and share the experience with my little brother

Thank you Wonder Ball Candy for sending us these fun treats for National Chocolate Day!



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