Press For Champagne! Cheers to the New Decade and New Goals

We were in New Orleans the week after Christmas and I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of this cute “press for champagne” sign in front of the Century Girl boutique on Magazine Street. I wanted to share these pictures on the blog and figured they needed to be in a celebratory-type post. So why not the new year and decade?

Although we are a little over a month into the new year and decade, I wanted to use the month of January to think about my goals and what I really wanted to accomplish this year. Because let’s face it, January is already a hard month since it’s right after the holidays. It’s not really the month you want to start anything, especially a diet. haha! But it’s a great month to reflect and plan for the year.

I can’t say I thought long and hard about my goals for 2020. All I know is that I want to keep things simple. So my word for 2020 is “Simplicity”.

My Goals for 2020

Build on my 2017 Goals

The first time I shared my goals and resolution was in 2017. That post really helped me to stay on track of what I wanted to accomplish. Although I didn’t do everything I listed, having those goals helped change my mindset and lifestyle a bit. They gave me (and what I wanted to do with the blog more direction). To be honest, they were also a way to learn to move on from the struggles with infertility. Little did I know that I would get pregnant at the end of 2017!

I re-read my 2017 goals and realized that I still want to work on most of those goals, especially with improving my photography, cooking, starting a capsule wardrobe, and buying less clothes and “stuff”.

Be a More Effective Mom

A few weeks ago, I shared my post on 7 habits I want change to be a more effective mom. I do want to be a more effective communicator to my kids.

Publish More Blog Posts

I currently have about 10 draft blog posts. I really want to post them but most are not yet completed. My goal in 2020 is to post all 10 of the draft posts. I hope you find them fun and interesting to read!

Remodel Parts of Our Home

Our home needs so major improvements. I want to paint our kitchen cabinets and give our bathrooms a refresh.

Take the Kids to a Different Chicago Park Every Weekend this Summer

As a way to explore the city, I think it would be fun to bring the twins and Luke to a different Chicago park with a playground every weekend. Who knows, I might compile a list of the 10 best playgrounds in Chicago when we’re done!

Take my Parents to Rome

Every year, I say I want to take my parents to Rome to see the Vatican. I hope to do it in 2020 but I know I want to take them early in this decade.

My Goals for the New Decade

Travel to a City I’ve Never Been To Each Year

We have our travel plans for 2020 already lined up and it includes a city in California that I’ve always wanted to visit. I hope we, as a family, can explore a new city every year in the 2020s.

Work Less. Drink More Champagne!

I’m not sure about the work part, but I surely think I can drink more champagne (in moderation, of course!). Maybe I’ll become a champagne aficionado.

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