My 2017 Goals and Resolutions


Happy New Year!

I’ve been reflecting on 2016 for the past couple of days. The year had its ups and downs but I choose to remember the happy moments like taking a semi-last minute trip to Paris and Disneyland Paris in May and then a week long vacation in Maui in October. I made new friendships and lost a few as well. I took a French class – oui, oui.  I decided in September to start losing weight so I joined Weight Watchers and lost 10 lbs in two months. I still have another 30 lbs to go. I hope I can do it.

I didn’t really make goals in 2016, just ways to keep me hopeful (to have another baby). Obviously, we did not get pregnant or have a baby in 2016 but the one thing I learned was to deal with the sadness of not being able to conceive again. I’ve learned that it’s okay to be vulnerable and be sad. I’m a complicated person. I don’t need to have the appearance of being happy all the time.  Most importantly, I’ve learned to take care of myself and my mental health. I’ve let go of some of insecurities and not worry about how people feel about me. I can’t change them. I can only change how I react to them.

2017 Goals and Resolutions

So for 2017, I’m going to keep taking care of my mental health (and losing weight) and doing some other things (17 to be exact, get it? 2017?)  that will hopefully help me grow while challenging me at the same time.

1. Learn to take better pictures

I recently purchased a new mirrorless camera, the FujiFilm X-T10 Mirrorless Digital Camera to be exact. I need to learn more about this camera and improve my photography skills. So far, there’s been lots of frustration with it.

2. Make this blog about me, not what others expect it to be

Post less but include better content that’s relatable and voice my opinions better.

3. Improve my writing skills

Writing is clearly not my strong suit.

4. Unplug from social media once in awhile

Social media is a great way to meet people but I find myself spending way too much time on it. I need to unplug and spend more quality time with family and friends.

5. Cook more, especially Vietnamese food

I want to cook like my mom. She doesn’t need recipes. She can think of cooking up a dish on a whim. I want to be like my mom.

6. Invite friends over. Host dinner parties

This is when I can use my improved cooking skills.

7. Shop smarter and less

Unsubscribe from shopping emails and unfollow Instagram accounts that promote shopping.

8. Start a capsule wardrobe

This is where the smarter shopping will be helpful.

9. Travel to more North American cities

My list of cities this year are Charleston, SC, Montreal, Quebec, Portland, OR, and LA to San Francisco on the Pacific Coast Highway (in a convertible).

10. More date nights with Charlie and dates with Luke

Go on dates with Charlie once a month and drink lots of champagne. Take a day off of work once a month to have lots of adventures with Luke.

11. Be open to meeting new people
12. Build meaningful friendships and let go of negative ones
13. Don’t go down the comparison rabbit hole

Comparison messes with my creativity and my confidence. It’s hard not to compare when you see so many talented people out there and you realize your house isn’t that nice,  your pictures are not consistent, and your writing about motherhood is terrible. I want Cher to come over to slap you in the face and yell “Snap out of it!” when that happens.

14. Teach Luke Vietnamese

Well, what I do know about speaking the language.

15. Live simpler. Purge what I don’t need more often.
16. Accept what life gives me with grace

Accept what I have and what I cannot have and learn to move on gracefully.

17. Continue to take care of myself and love myself




6 thoughts on “My 2017 Goals and Resolutions

  1. Rebecca Plotnick says:

    You are beautiful inside and out!! Luke and Charlie are so lucky to have you! I am so happy I have gotten to know you more this past year. I can’t wait to encourage you on these goals and watch you grow this next year. Wishing you all the best in 2017! xo

  2. laurenkahan says:

    Love all these!! I think you left out a city for #9 though… 🙂

    I’m so sad to hear about the baby though…I’ve been wondering, and have been thinking positive thoughts for you all. You’re an amazing woman Leyla! I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you a little better, and I cannot wait for us to finally meet in person one day-it WILL happen!!

    Happy New Year!


    • Second City Mom says:

      Thank you, Lauren! We will visit Seattle after you visit Chicago! LOL! Thank you for all your support and uplifting spirit throughout 2016. I am looking forward to our meet up in 2017 with lots of wine, champagne, laughter…and pictures. Love you! Cheers to 2017!

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