Let’s Explore! Love is Everywhere…Beware, Beware, Beware Mural

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

This year’s Valentine’s Day in Chicago has been the coldest on record! But it’s also been a really mild winter, which I’m not complaining. My only wish that we get a snow storm with snow accumulation of 2 or 3 inches and possibly on a day I’m not working – like the weekend.

Why? Because earlier this winter, Kamik gifted our family their stylish snow boots to wear this winter while out and about around Chicago – especially for some our family’s #FreeYourPlay adventures. Kamik is a shoe company based in Canada that makes some of the warmest and stylish shoes and boots for the whole family….mostly all made in North America. I have a pair of the Kamik Rogue Hiker boots from last year and I can honestly say they kept my feet warm and stylish throughout the cold Chicago winter last year. I still get lots of compliments about them.

We did get some snow last weekend and I thought it was the perfect time to wear our Kamik boots, especially in front of a mural that was all about love – perfect for Valentine’s Day! Luke was at a birthday party so Charlie and I took the twins out for a little outing.

The mural is in front of Fieldhouse Jones (312 W. Chestnut St.) with the words “Love Is Every Where…Beware, Beware, Beware.” A Chicago music band, Wilco, put it up and I think it’s the best message for everyone, especially for anyone afraid of love because you can’t avoid it.

These twins are definitely a handful! They are not into taking pictures and were definitely showing the #FreeYourPlay spirit that Kamik wanted them to. But I’m glad we got out of the house and took some fun pictures in front of this Chicago mural that’s all about love.

Thank you Kamik for the warm boots!

Kamik winter boots for the whole family

Kamik winter boots come in a variety of styles and colors and are reasonably priced. They do a great job of keeping all of our feet warm during a fun, cold day out! These are the boots we’ve been wearing this winter.

On me (mama) – Kamik Sienna Mid in Dark Brown


On Charlie – Kamik Griffon in Black.


On Luke – Kamik Luke in Navy (perfect as the boot’s name is also his name)


On the twins – Kamik Toddler Stance boots

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