3 Small Businesses That Are Giving Back With Every Purchase

Happy November! Instead of sharing a holiday gift guide, I thought it would be appropriate to share three small businesses that are giving back with every purchase you make!

For me, the holiday season doesn’t officially begin until after Thanksgiving. But lately it seems like November has become the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. So with that in mind and as some are starting their shopping “early,” I wanted to share these small businesses that are not only selling great products but are giving back with each purchase.

It’s a win-win for us all. You can make purchases from these businesses to gift your friends and family (or yourself) and know that part of your purchase is used to help the community or those in need.

I hope you keep these small businesses (and more like them) in mind when considering what to gift your loved ones during this holiday season or any time of the year. I have partnered with companies in the past to promote them on my Instagram account, but I want to dedicate a blog post to share a little bit more about them and to spread the word.


Levi and Cruz with the Sebastian the Lamb and Avery the Lamb dolls by cuddle+kind

When you scroll though @cuddleandkind‘s Instagram page, you can’t help but scream out “how cute!”. Not only are the babies in the posts cute, so are their dolls.

cuddle+kind is founded by a family on a mission to make beautiful hand-knit dolls that help feed children. You can find more on their story here. For every doll purchased, 10 meals are provided to children in need around the world.

All the dolls are hand-knit and are ethically produced in Peru where the company provide hundreds of talented artisans with a sustainable, fair trade income. 

These dolls make great gifts for any baby and new mom. When we received our Sebastian the Lamb dolls, the twins couldn’t stop hugging them. It was very cute and still cute to see them hold their dolls.

Flowers for Dreams

Me and my boys with my bouquet for Mother’s Day

Flowers for Dreams is a Chicago-based floral company that delivers bouquets to Chicago and the Chicagoland area. They also do weddings and workshops too! I took a workshop earlier this summer on how to make a bouquet and it was so fun!

25% of all our the company’s flower profits are donated to a rotating group of charities in the community. In 2018, Flowers for Dreams was able to donate over $140,000 to a local charity!

We’ve been sending flowers to Luke’s teachers for teacher appreciation, for our loved ones on their birthdays, and some of the moms we know on Mother’s Day!

State Bags

I first learned about State Bags when Luke was about to start kindergarten. State Bags sells a collection of backpacks and bags for men, women and children. For every State bag purchased, the company will donate fully-packed backpacks to children in need during one of their bag drop rallies, which is more like a celebration.

The backpacks are high quality products and now comes in a variety of colors and designs. These bags are great for everyone, whether they are still in school or not. We have used our backpack as a diaper bag, which is great for me, especially having my hands full with the twins.

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