Mom Style: How I’m Wearing My Sonnet James Dresses

Happy November and welcome to my new blog series that’s all about my “mom style”. #Momstyle is a term or hashtag that moms like me have used describe what we wear after becoming moms. Every mom has her own style. There isn’t one style fits all, which is a good thing. It’s our own interpretation of what works for us a moms.

I’m starting this blog series to share ways I’m finding my mom style again. I hope to develop a my capsule mom wardrobe – which will be my essentials based on my lifestyle in Chicago as a working mom (especially a mom to very active boys). I want to balance between what I wear to work during the week and what I wear on the weekends or when I’m not at work.

After having the twins, I feel like my body has changed once again. When I had Luke over 7 years ago, I noticed that the outfits and dresses that once fit and looked good on me did not look or fit the same. It’s because my body has changed after the pregnancies. My curves seemed to have move after child birth because my dresses do not fit the same as they used to. I am now finding myself trying to find what fits on me again and what will work being a mom to twins that are toddlers.

My choice in clothing has evolved over the years too (and still is evolving because my body shape has changed so much). But I know one thing is for sure – I love wearing comfortable clothes. And I love wearing the color black. Comfort is the key to my mom style for sure. If I could wear dresses everyday, I would. So yeah, I want to wear comfortable dresses.

Van Buren Metra Street Station, Chicago

I have always envied women who just have their style and outfits together, especially the Parisians – they just look so effortlessly chic! If I wanted to look like that, it would take me 2 hours to get ready.

Since I’m a huge Francophile, my style inspiration is to dress like a Parisian but in very comfortable clothes. I’m not sure I’ll look effortlessly chic but maybe I can try to look comfortably chic? Is that a thing?

When Sonnet James reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try some of their dresses, I immediately said yes! If you haven’t heard about Sonnet James, it’s a dress company founded by Whitney London. Her motto is to make “play dresses for playful moms”. The dresses are made in San Francisco and designed to feel like pajamas and stretch like your favorite pair of yoga pants. Plus, they are machine washable!

The description of the dresses seem to fit with the style that I like – comfort! So it only seemed natural to incorporate Sonnet James dresses into my mom style!

It was so fun to take these pictures, especially in front the Van Buren Metra stop (which is a replica of a Paris Metro station). I pretended we were in Paris in Chicago, which is also my style inspiration!

My review of my Sonnet James dresses

Sonnet James sent me the Reese Leopard Print dress and the Winnie Straight Knee Length dress in black. At first I was hesitant on the leopard print because it was out of my comfort zone. But I figured why not. It’s the print of the season and if I don’t like it, I could return it. I knew I wanted a black dress but I don’t think I can ever have enough black dresses.

The Sonnet James dresses that I received are very soft. The material is somewhat thick but doesn’t feel like they would wear me down, if that makes sense. I love that the dresses are knee length since I don’t have to worry about anything showing when I bend down or over to pick up the twins or any of their toys. I feel like the length gave me good coverage. I like the fact that the sleeves were elbow length. Perfect to pull up or leave as is. I didn’t have to worry about them being too long on me.

I normally wear dresses between sizes 10 and 12 at Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, and Banana Republic. For Sonnet James, that would be between a medium and a large. But after talking to the Sonnet James rep, she suggested I get an XL, which is a size 14 or so. It turns out that the sizing worked for me! I would say the dresses run small but check the size dimensions for each of the dresses or their size chart.

I honestly love the Sonnet James Reese Leopard print dress! Now I know why leopard print is so in this season! The print did camoflouge my pooch that I haven’t been able to lose after having the twins. I still look like I’m 5 months pregnant. But that’s okay. I wrote about it on my Instagram post here. I plan to wear my denim jacket with it and tempted to finally purchase a black leather moto jacket, which will be a part of my mom style essential.

Sonnet James Reese Leopard Print Dress

The black Winnie dress is a great little black dress essential for me. It did fit a bit looser than the Reese leopard dress but I like the extra room for comfort. Again, I can wear my denim jacket over this. But in this case, I paired it with my Chanel brooch and it dressed it up and gave me the Parisian look I was going for.

Both Sonnet James dresses have good stretch in them and they did not lose their shape. I can totally wear my new Sonnet James dresses to work at the office paired with a blazer, cardigan or worn alone. And at the same time, I can wear them on the weekends when we go out exploring or to a park. They are very versatile and seemed to fit into what my current mom style!

Thank you Sonnet James for gifting me your fun and comfortable dresses.

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  1. Jen says:

    YES — “comfortable chic” — That’s my goal, too!! It’s hard to give up those pre-pregnancy clothes but you are absolutely right in that your body changes even if you are in the same weight-range. I like that you focus on clothes that makes you feel good!

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