Let’s Travel! London in Bloom – A List of Some of the Prettiest Places I Found in London

This is my third of three posts from Family London Vacation post. You can see the first post here and the second one about our afternoon tea experience here.

London is so pretty! No, I mean it! Not only does it have beautiful architecture but Londoners know how to decorate or show off with flowers (real and fake). I’m so glad we visited London in late August because the weather was perfect and the city was still in full bloom! If you follow some Instagram accounts from London, you know that the city is filled pretty floral doors and decor. That was one of the reasons why I wanted to visit London – to see all the floral displays in person. It has inspired me to add more floral to my home!

Here is a list of some of favorite places and prettiest places that we saw while in London. Did I mention these places are some of the most Instagrammable places in London as well?

The Churchill Arms

I’ve always loved waved petunias but I have not seen so much displayed on an an English pub like the ones at The Churchill Arms in Kensington! I mean, all the real flowers here alone make you want to come in for a beer, right?

Dalloway Terrace

When I saw that my friend Angela had visited this place, I knew instantly that I wanted to check it out. So I met up with Angela At Dalloway Terrace one morning for coffee here. I couldn’t stop snapping pictures. I love the striped awnings with all the floral. I could certainly have coffee here every morning.

Kensington Palace Gardens

We took a little tour of Kensington Palace but I really think the sunken garden at Kensington Palace Garden is really where you should spend your time. And it’s free!

Mr. Foggs

I’m so very fortunately to have a London native show me around. Angela took me to Mr. Foggs to see the interior but I think the it was the floral door that got me! Next time I’ll be sure to have a cocktail inside.

Aubaine at Sefridges

It’s no doubt I’m a huge Francophile. So Aubaine, French restaurant, at Sefridges is a Francophile’s dream. I mean, the faux hanging wisteria just did it for me.

Peggy Porschen Cakes in Chelsea

Okay, okay…this place is Instagram famous. But I had to stop by and see if the food was as good as the cute exterior. We visited the Peggy Porschen Cakes in Chelsea, which is a fairly new location. The interior was clean and pink, just like the exterior! The pastries were divine and the staff could not be more accommodating to us and the twins.

Alice’s Antiques on Portobello Road in Notting Hill

Visiting Notting Hill and must if you’re ever in London. We happened to go on a off-market day, which was less crowded. The one store I like the most is the Alice’s Antiques on Portebello Road which was featured in the most recent Paddington live-action movie. We even bought some gifts for family while we were here.

Hearts Mural at Borough Market

I knew I wanted to take a picture of the twins in front of the hearts mural in Borough Market. I secretly wanted to go to Borough Market just for this mural. I didn’t get the name of the artist but I think they did a fantastic job!

Botanica Tea Room at 100 Queens Gate Hotel

I’m a bit bias but I think the Botanica Tea Room or the terrace at 100 Queens Gate (the hotel where we stayed at) is just beautiful! You can read more about our afternoon tea experience here.

Mews of London

Warren Mews
St. Luke’s Mews

The biggest surprise during our trip was discovering all the Mews in London! I didn’t know much about Mews before the trip but they are a hidden gem! You can find out more about Mews on Wikipedia or just Google it. It’s worth a little exploration when in London.

The two Mews at the top of my list are Warren Mews and St. Luke’s Mews.

All the Floral Doorways

There is no shortage of floral doorways or floral arches in London! Maybe they were inspired by Harry and Meghan’s wedding or vice versa? It got to be too much for me seeing all the faux floral arches after awhile. But they are still very pretty and very London that I wanted to share some that I saw in London.

London Fait Maison Salon
Sezane in Notting Hill

I know I’m missing a lot more pretty places in London. I hope to visit again to explore all the pretty blooms of London!

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