Let’s Celebrate! Luke Starting Kindergarten


Luke started kindergarten yesterday. It was very bittersweet. He was so happy and excited to finally go to kindergarten. We’ve been talking about it all summer.  I was excited for him but sad at the same time. I haven’t been looking forward to this day because it would mean the end of an era…in parenthood and childhood.  I cried my eyes out when we dropped him off yesterday. He just walked into the school without looking back.  All the crazy emotions running through me and a sense of letting go. Letting go of seeing him as a baby.  I still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday and celebrating his first birthday.

Luke has been in daycare since he was three months old so seeing him off to school should be any different but going to kindergarten somehow feels like a new change. None of his daycare friends are going to the same school and we don’t know any other families. It’s like start all over again.

He’s a big kid now and may face some real school issues – not fitting in, bullying, being homesick or missing his friends from daycare. But I really hope he flourishes in kindergarten and has a positive experience.


When we picked him up yesterday, the first thing he told me was that the LOVED kindergarten. That filled my heart with so many emotions. It confirmed that we picked the right school and that he will be okay…and that I will be okay.  We went out for ice cream afterwards, which I think will be a new tradition for us to do after the first day of school.


It’s been a sense of relief now that we have our first day of kindergarten down. I wish there was a guide for navigating kindergarten for parents (there probably this).  I also wish there is a guide I can give Luke for school but I know that wouldn’t be right or fun. But I am trying to instill a positive message about going to school and what I can do at home to give him a better experience at school and in life.


Always Remember Why He Loved His First Day Of Kindergarten

If he ever gets discouraged, I’m going to remind him to think about how he felt the first day of school and what made him so happy to be in school.

Continue The Love Of Learning Something New

I want him to stay curious and ask questions. I want him to be excited when he learns something new.  It was kinda great that he started school on the same day as the solar eclipse because he was so excited to tell me what he learned about it in class. The look on his face is priceless when he tells me about a new experience or what is new to him.

Love And Respect Others

With all the things going on in our country right now, I want to protect him from the hate and racism that I’ve seen on the news. My wish is that he never has to experience racism. As a parent, it is my responsibility to teach him about other culture, to respect our differences, and that racism does not belong in our family or anywhere. I will teach him to stand up for what he believes in and for those who are being mistreated. Most importantly, treat people with the respect they deserve.

Give Back With Love

These pictures were taken last Friday when we were in Bucktown, while we were running errands before his school orientation. He thought Friday was his first day of school and wanted to bring his new backpack with him. So we let him. I told him that the Rockets of Awesome x State Backpack he is using for school is filled with love because the company that makes the backpack gives a backpack to children in need for every backpack purchased….so that every kid has a backpack for school.

As a parent, I strongly support companies like this because it shows that there is still good people in this country and that giving back is pretty awesome. I hope Luke appreciates what he has but also considers the needs of others.



Thank you Rockets of Awesome for Luke’s back to school box of clothes (we have our first year of school essentials now) and for introducing us to State Bags.  See my review of Rockets of Awesome here. All opinions and pictures are my own. 

About this location: The LOVE wall/mural in Chicago is located in Bucktown on Damen and Wolcott.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate! Luke Starting Kindergarten

  1. Ronald Lucarelli says:

    I think you and Luke are on a great start! As a student myself beginning my 19th year of consecutive education (Wow, that was sobering to type that! I’m currently pursuing my PhD), I am happy to share with you that my love of learning started early and was in an environment that fostered the things you described.

    It makes me excited to see Luke is thrilled to be in kindergarten, just as I was quite a few years ago! While it may scare you of the future, do remember that teachers (including Luke’s) have a gift for what they do. They specialize in bringing the color, the contrast, and the vivid details to life in a special place that’s inclusive, challenging, and fun! With the adventures you continue to share to treat his curiosity (thinking of your post about riding the “accordion” CTA bus!) to the lessons you value with organizations that give to other students (Rockets of Awesome x State Bags), he is well on his way to being both kind and thoughtful as he is curious!

    I’m wishing Luke a year of curiosity and amazement in Kindergarten, where it all begins! From your end as a parent, I’m wishing you wonderful memories. My Mom always used to tell me when she bought my childhood house, while she loved it, she truly chose it for the elementary school. She wanted us at the elementary school down the block because seeing so many kids excited to learn made her so happy and excited for our futures as a Mom. It sounds you indeed picked the right school, and now you get to smile and be part of the fun moments watching his mind, capabilities, and curiosities blossom!

    Enjoy the ice cream and may that stay a tradition, because there is never a bad reason to go to Jeni’s!

    Best Wishes,


    • Second City Mom says:

      Ron – Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I really appreciate it! It’s an exciting time for us and a special time because I want him to remember his first day of school the way I did. I was so happy to finally be in a classroom and ready to learn! Best of luck on your PhD! That going to be quite an accomplishment!

  2. Rebecca Plotnick says:

    so sweet!! I don’t think I was this excited to start Kindergarten. I know he will have a fabulous year. I love the memories you create with him. Ice cream on the first and (last day) sounds like a great tradition. I think he picked mint chocolate chip which is delicious!

  3. laurenkahan says:

    Oh, gosh I LOVE this! I love that you found these two walls!! And…every hope that you are passing along to Luke. He is one lucky little guy! I’m so glad he loves it so far!

    I’m so nervous for Maya to start kindergarten-eek!!

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