Let’s Eat! Brunch at Paris Club

Before we had Sweet Baby Luke, we would go out for dinner at a French restaurant in Chicago on a Friday night and call it “French Friday.” But now going out for dinners, especially on a Friday night with a 15-month old can be stressful, especially if the restaurant is a busy one. What has worked best for us is brunch. We eat out a restaurants that are popular at dinner in hopes that they will have a good brunch as well. We try to find ones that don’t have long waits and ones that takes reservations.

Those days of waiting an hour for a table are long gone.

On Sunday we stopped by Paris Club in Chicago (of course, my Francophile self loves anything French, especially brunch).  We made reservations at 10:00 AM. The restaurant wasn’t busy yet, which was great for Luke to run around and for me….since I got to walk around and take pictures.

I ordered the eggs benedict but I think I liked the hash brown the best. The hollandaise sauce is bit sour for me. Charlie, da hubs, got an omelette and a side of bacon. Their bacon is cut very different than traditional bacon. It’s more like cubes of bacon.

We ordered Sweet Baby Luke a Belgian waffle (which we ended up finishing up for him. yay!). I think the Belgian waffle is the best in the city because restaurant tops it with vanilla bean whipped cream and  Speculoos. I’ve never heard of Speculoos and figured it was some special ingredient on the menu. I went home and googled “Speculoos” and found that it’s cookie butter spread and that I can actually buy it!!! How come I haven’t heard of this before? And what have I been missing out on? I guess a lot since it’s really popular in Europe. Needless to say, it is on my list of food to buy.


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