Let’s Eat! In New Orleans

We went to New Orleans for four days and of course I always look forward to my mom’s cooking and some good NOLA eats.  Below are some pictures from our dining adventure in NOLA. All in all, I have to say it was the typical NOLA visit, we ate good and Sweet Baby Luke got to spend time with his grandparents, uncles, aunt, and cousins. And in my opinion, that’s the perfect vacation.

We had beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde every morning. We didn’t go to the Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter. Instead, it was at a location in Kenner, LA. But just as good and the ladies there know we like our beignets fresh and hot. We like this location because it’s close to my parent’s home, not too busy so we get the extra attention, and Sweet Baby Luke is able to run around without having to bother other patrons.

At the suggestion of some local NOLA peeps, we had a late lunch at Peche Seafood Grill. The restaurant is located in the warehouse district and is fairly new. We had a late lunch there (2ish). The lunch crowd was gone and again it was great if Sweet Baby Luke decided to get fussy or wanted to walk around, we wouldn’t be bothering anyone.  We ordered from the restaurant’s small plates menu. I think my favorite was spicy ground shrimp and noodles. It tasted like a Thai dish only it had the New Orleans creole flavors in it. My second favorite dish was the capellini with crab and chilies.  Of course, I had to order the special fried oysters. I don’t eat raw oysters but I sure can eat fried oysters.

I really liked the openness of the interior. I have to add that Peche does have high chairs, just in case you want to bring your little one. We finished the meal off with a slice of key lime pie, which was just divine!

Over 15 years ago, my friend Celia told me about this restaurant called Dragos that served charbroiled oysters. The restaurant is located in Metairie in an area called Fat City. Ever since Celia introduced me to the charbroiled oysters there, I crave it every time I come back to NOLA. Like I said before, I don’t eat them raw and I love the way they are prepared in NOLA. In addition to the oysters, Charlie and I shared a stuffed lobster (with crabmeat).




4 thoughts on “Let’s Eat! In New Orleans

  1. Rose says:

    this makes me miss all the good eats in Nola. Can’t wait to get back and do the same.

    Next time, you should try to Butcher Cochon as I’m not sure I told you about that place. We lurve that place. All of the cured meats are made in house…although its really small and not child friendly.

    maybe we should plan to go back at the same time and let our babies meet their future spouses 🙂

    • Second City Mom says:

      We went to Butcher Cochon back in November and it was packed. It was even harder with an infant stroller. But yes, let’s plan a trip back to NOLA at the same time so our children can meet and fall in love!!

      • Thomas says:

        Y’all should try out Toups Meatery next time you are through here. I think the charcuterie is better in taste and price. It’s located in Mid-City and the dining area is much larger compared to the cramped quarters to Cochon Butcher. Reservations is recommended.

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