Meet My New Friend….Chanel

I’ve been waiting half my life for this handbag!!!!

After watching marathon episodes of Dukes of Melrose on Bravo, I decided that I MUST make my purchase. It’s now or never. I had two other chances while in Paris. I wish I would have done it then so I could get the book and stamp saying I purchased it on 31 Rue Cambon. Oh well…it’s still a purse that I covet, right?

Below are my “reveal” pictures (I thought I was the only one that took reveal pictures until I recently stumbled upon the PurseForum and saw so many other people doing it. Yay! And now I’m addicted to that forum. )  I got the gold hardware that I’ve always wanted. Caviar was the leather of choice since it’s less maintenance than lambskin.

I promised the sales associate at the boutique (Tovar) that I would wear it every day. I also promised my husband that I would not buy anymore purses after this one.Well maybe my last purchase for 2013…

Chanel all wrapped up

Chanel and camelia ribbon

The suspense...the box

Still wrapped up

The special dust bag

Chanel - Close up using my iPhone

The gold chains

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