Let’s Explore! 7 Love Murals in Chicago to Explore with Your Loved Ones

Happy February! I never thought I would be a person to be excited for the month of February because of Valentine’s Day but I guess people change especially with a life change like having kids (i.e., motherhood). True story, I went all out for Luke’s first Valentine’s Day. I got him a Valentine’s Day gift and outfit. I even made Valentine treats to the other kids in daycare class. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

Last week, we took some pictures at this red love mural up in the Old Irving Park neighborhood of Chicago and it inspired me to find and share all the love murals around Chicago. I even got a bit creative and made this Instagram Reels video of it!

So if you’re looking for a fun way to explore the city with your kids and/or loved ones, especially for Valentine’s Day, I highly recommend you check out these murals with the word “love” in them as a way to capture a sweet moment with your family.

Love is Everywhere, Beware, Beware, Beware, Beware….

This Love Is Everywhere mural in Chicago is such a fun mural and truly captures the spirit of spreading love. We took some fun photos at the Love is Everywhere mural with twins because I loved it so much.

Location: 313 West Chestnut, Chicago, IL (across the street from Fieldhouse Jones). // Artist or commissioned by: Wilco

Red Love Mural

This was the mural that got my creative juices started for this blog post and for the Instagram Reel. I love the red, black and gray tones! Perfect of Valentine’s Day or for anyone who loves the color red.

Location: Near Kilbourn and Addison in Old Irving Park. // Artist: Brendan Cooney // Instagram: @cooney_werks

Love Mural in Bucktown

I consider this mural a classic in Chicago and I love the artist – Mathew Hoffman with his “You Are Beautiful” messages all over the city. They bring so much positivity to the city and to me when I see them. This is where we took some pictures for Luke when he was starting kindergarten. As an added bonus, there’s a black mural with white letters spelling out “love” right next to this one.

Location: 1875 N. Damen, Chicago, IL (@properties) // Artist: Matthew Hoffman // Instagram: @heyitsmatthew

Colorful Diamond Love Mural in Lincoln Park

I love how colorful this love mural is in Lincoln Park. I think it’s shaped like a diamond or jewel since it’s located at a jewelry store. I’m going to call it the Steve Quick Mural.

Location: 2471 N. Clark, Chicago, IL in Lincoln Park (Steve Quick Jeweler) Artist: Unknown

Love Mural in Lincoln Park

This is another beautiful love mural by Matthew Hoffman but with summertime colors and a bright yellow flower. This is picture of Luke starting the 3rd grade. What a big difference three years makes!

Location: 1205 W. Webster, Chicago, IL (Cryobar Lincoln Park). Artist: Matthew Hoffman // Instagram: @heyitsmatthew

Love Mural Garage

We didn’t get a chance to take pictures here or add this garage to our Instagram Reel but this Love Garage Mural is absolutely stunning. Located in a new development that dubs itself “The Most Instagrammable Alley in Chicago”. There are about a dozen more different murals drawn on residential garages by different artists. It’s worth a trip!

Location: 2532 W. Polk St., Chicago IL (The 12 development). // Artist: Bojitt // Instagram: @bojanailic_bojitt

Love You Mural at Lincoln Yards

This fun “Love You” mural is a play on acronym for the Lincoln Yards development in the near north side. We had the pleasure of taking pictures here last year for the unveiling of the mural.

Location: 1401 W. Wabansia (Lincoln Yards) // Artist: Miss Merlot // Instagram: @merlotism

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