Let’s Celebrate! Our 9 Year Wedding Anniversary (a self portrait)

We celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary a month ago so this post is a bit delayed. But….I’m glad I’m finally getting around to sharing in on the blog.

For the past few years, we’ve been taking self portraits on our wedding anniversary. I guess you can call it a tradition now. I think it started on our 5th wedding anniversary in Paris when Luke took a picture in front of a Parisian door and ever since I’ve been trying to find creative ways to capture photos on our anniversary. Our 6 year wedding anniversary self portrait was in front of Doughnut Vault and last year’s 8 year anniversary self portrait was on in front of an old mural in Old Town. We skipped the 7 year anniversary, which I wished we would have done because I was pregnant with the twins.

I was planning on skipping this year’s self portrait but with some encouragement from my Instagram followers, we decided to take a picture with our masks on, to commemorate the fact that our anniversary was in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. We also decided to find blooming crabapple tree to stand in front of because I was busy chasing every crabapple bloom in Chicago (more about that in a later post).

I loved how the picture turned out and that we we didn’t skip it this year. I plan to make an album of all these self portraits so we can look back and see how fun and crazy we were.

We ordered take out from Bavettes Bar & Bouef that night, which also happens to be where we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. It’s almost like things went full circle for us.

I’m already thinking about our self portrait next year – our 10 year wedding anniversary and a huge milestone! I’m open to suggestions!

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