Happy Halloween From The Baby Property Brothers

Baby Property Brothers – Levi and Cruz

Happy Halloween from the POOPerty Brothers! Err…we mean the Property Brothers! These twins are really good at home remodeling and renovating, specializing in demos. Your payment is just cleaning their poopy diapers.

Cruz and Levi are Drew and Jonathan Scott from the HGTV show, Property Brothers. Being identical twins, it’s only natural that they would dress up in costume as a famous set of identical twins from TV.

If you’re not familiar with the Property Brothers. they are twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott helping couples find fixer uppers and remodel them into their dream homes. It’s a pretty popular show on HGTV. Drew is the real estate agent and Jonathan is the designer (construction worker, IMO).

It was fun dressing Cruz and Levi in these DIY costumes for twins. And it didn’t cost us anything since we used what we had from their closet. We added 5 o’clock shadow to Cruz’s face to be similar to that of Drew’s.

We took these pictures of this easy twin costumes this morning! As they are 15 months, it is getting harder and harder to take pictures of them staying still. I still love their Halloween costumes from last year, where they just laid there for me to snap a view pictures.

Baby Property Brothers Costume
Levi ready for demo day
Cruz finding out about the home inspection results
Happy Halloween!

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