Let’s Celebrate! Cruz & Levi’s First Halloween – Twins Pho Ever


Happy Halloween!! 

Last year we had so much fun with the Chanel-inspired family costume. But with Cruz and Levi as our newest additions, I couldn’t think of a clever family costume and well, I didn’t have enough time. So I wanted to focus on just Cruz and Levi’s costumes for this year’s blog post…and because Luke really wanted to be a ninja.

I had so many ideas for DIY  baby twin boy costumes but as a mom of twins, I don’t have that much time on my hands. But next year, I will hopefully get an early start and dress them up my twin baby boys as the Blues Brothers or the Property Brothers. What do you think?


Cruz hot sauce.JPG

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Cruz and Levi are 14.5 weeks old for their first Halloween! How could that be? For their first Halloween they are Asian food condiments, specifically Vietnamese food condiments – a Baby Sriracha costume and a Baby Soy Sauce costume. I added a few other props to make it look like a Vietnamese pho costume.  I got the onsies from the Etsy store – BuzzBearStudio, which seems to have some really cute baby twin onsies for Halloween.


My last minute family costume would’ve made Luke a bowl of pho and Charlie and I a chopstick. Oh well, I’m just glad I got my cute little twin boys a Halloween costume this year. Stay tuned for next year’s crazy idea…I pinky swear to that one.

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