Let’s Explore! Creative Halloween Home Decorations in Chicago



It’s been a week since Halloween so I’m a bit late on this post but I still think it’s a treat to share some of these fun pictures with you. Did you see what I just did there? Okay, maybe I should keep my day job.

For the past few years, I noticed that there are more and more homes decorated during the Halloween season than usual. Or maybe the Halloween decorations have gotten a lot better or more over-the-top or I’m just starting to really take notice? In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how some Chicago homeowners decorated the homes this past Halloween. The bigger and scarier the decor, the better for me! I hope to one day have the time and plan to do some fun Halloween decorations in front of our house.





Last week, the creative behind Luft Balloon messaged me showing a picture of a home that she worked on in the Old Town neighborhood  that was decorated with over-sized black balloons for Halloween. I told her I needed to see the home in real life! So my little brother and I drove there to see it and to take a million pictures, of course!

If you don’t know, Luft Balloon, well now you do! She’s a fellow Chicago mom of three that is super talented with balloon installations around the city. Check out her Instagram account – luft.balloon to see more of her work!

I was blown away (literally and figuratively) by the amount of balloons wrapped around this house…and it was just for Halloween! Thank goodness I had my little brother in town to snap some pictures of me in front of it.  I even got to wear my new Madewell velveteen jumper, which seems to fit with the Halloween theme, don’t you think? (Yes, the 90s called and they said I could definitely rock a jumper again.)

This Halloween balloon installation by Luft Ballon inspired me to share more of what I saw around Chicago this year. I love how these homeowners got in the spirit of Halloween, which was fun for not only the kids but for the adults as well. Especially for me. I took Luke to see some of these homes and because of a bad Halloween incident last year, he said they didn’t scare him. I’m afraid Charlie and I may have ruined Halloween for him. I’m hoping we’ll redeem ourselves in the next few years.

The homes below are limited to Old Town, Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast in Chicago but I plan to expand this post to other neighborhoods in the future. I hope you enjoy!


This giant spider display in the Gold Coast is a locals’ favorite in Chicago!










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