A Recap of My Storytime at the Google Hardware Store Popup in Bucktown

Photo taken by my friend, Diana (www.dianatakespictures.com)

Last Sunday, I did something really fun at the Google Hardware Store Popup in Bucktown….I read the Disney book Coco (with the help of the Google Home Max) to a room full of kids!! I loved the Disney movie Coco so I couldn’t pass up the chance of reading the book!! 

I’m normally really scared of public speaking but I really think reading a book to kids with some great sound effects definitely helped calm my nerves. Well, it was a bit nerve-wrecking to have their parents stand back and watch me…but thank goodness they were standing behind me! 

Charlie and I always love reading to Luke as it’s a great way to bond with your child and to help him with his reading skills. I’m always finding ways to making reading fun so when I found out you can read certain Little Golden Books that are also Disney movies work with the Google Home Mini, I had to check it out. I ended up loving it. The reading experience is great because there is music playing while you read and it keeps Luke engaged and the story flows so well! 

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What I Did to Prepare for the Storytime

I received the long version of the Disney book Coco before the actual storytime event and it I practiced! Practiced! Practiced reading the book at home reading with the Google Home Mini to Cruz and Levi (after Luke told me he was done with me reading to him). 

My Storytime Experience at the Google Hardware Store

When we arrived at the Google Hardware Store, we were warmly greeted by the store representatives. I was excited to see the storytime place all set up with seat pads. I was able to use the Google Home Max for this reading because the sound quality was a lot louder for the sound effects.

The guests arrived at 11:30 am and most of the kids ran around the Google Hardware Store – loving the Kawaii Kitchen and getting snacks from there. A note for our next storytime…no candy before the actual storytime. Sugar and kids do not mix very well sometimes. 

Before I started reading the Disney book Coco, I asked the kids if any of them have seen the movie and almost immediately they all said they did and that they loved it!

So when I said “Hey Google, let’s read along with Disney” and the Google Home Max spoke back, the kids were all blown away. What was even better was when I said I wanted to read the book “Coco” and music from the movie started playing….the looks on the kids’ faces was priceless…even the looks on their parents’ faces was fun to experience! It was such a fun surprise to everyone that I would have music and sound effects accompany me while reading the book. 

I just loved how most of the kids sat and listened to me read even though they knew the ending. Maybe because they loved the music. I read the long version of the book but there is also a short version, which might be a better idea to read for younger kids. 

Overall, it was such a fun experience and I’m so glad I got the opportunity and experience to read to a room full of kids. It’s something I’ll never forget in my little social media journey! 

The Storytime participants

What Happened After Storytime

After storytime, Google gave away some of the Little Golden Books that are compatible with the Google Home Mini or Google Home Max so that parents can read to their kids at home. It was a surprise for me too since everyone got to go home with a book. 

We stayed back and mingled with our friends and watched the kids run around the store playing with each other. I also got some of my photos taken by the store representatives! 

More About the Google Hardware Store Popup in Bucktown

I was so happy to see our friends and some followers/readers show up for this event. If you haven’t been to the Google Hardware Store popup, you still have time. The store will be open until December 31. And there’s more to the store than just the storytime area! There’s a cute Kawaii kitchen, a tree house, a record store, and a swing! Plus lots of the coolest and latest Google products to see and try out!

Other Little Golden Books that are Compatible with the Google Home Mini

Just in case you’re wondering or interested. Here are other Little Golden Books that are compatible with the Google devices – Moana, The Little Mermaid, Alice In Wonderland, and Toy Story 3. Happy reading! 


Thank you Google for this fun collaboration! All photos and opinions are my own. 

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