Happy First Day of Spring (finally)!

Floral Mural at Violet Hour in Wicker Park

I know I say this every year but this has been the longest winter ever! But this year was a different kind of long winter. Not only did I experience the coldest winter day of my life (ever) when it was -54 degrees (with the windchill) on January 30th but it was also the twins’ first winter. They’ve basically stayed inside for half of their lives. I can’t wait to take them outside this spring and summer for our walks and put our Bugaboo Donkey stroller to use and give them some fresh air!

Although today marks the official first day of spring, the weather in Chicago is not always “spring-like” since there’s always a chance of snow. But the spring season always brings feelings of new hope and a fresh start. Hello…Easter!

What it looks like to have 2 teething babies

This first day of spring also marks Cruz and Levi’s 8th month birthday! How time flies when you’re having fun while sleep-deprived. They are still not sleeping through the night but we are seeing the light at the end of tunnel. I know we’ll get there and I’m looking forward to my 8 hours of straight sleep real soon. Have I mentioned they started teething? We’ve been having fun with some punny jokes about the tooth (e.g. the truth) such as “The tooth hurst”; “You can’t handle the tooth!”; “The tooth cones out”; and “The tooth will set you free!” It seems fitting that these new teeth are sprouting around the same time as the start of the spring season. So many new changes for us all!

Chicago flag c/o Woodward Standard Co.

At 8 months, Cruz loves to clap and Levi loves the camera and smiles any chance he gets. They still love it when Luke (big brother) entertains them and get so excited when they see him even walk into the room. Their favorite show is “Word Party” on Netflix. I love watching their excitement when they hear the music. Both Cruz and Levi love laying down and grabbing their feet and are totally morning people…meaning they get up bright and early at 6 AM, regardless of the time change. It’s hard to leave for work on time because I just want to stay in bed and cuddle with them.

I’m looking forward to warmer days and making new family memories with these two babies and planning some fun things for them to experience!

Our Plans for This Spring

Search for Floral Walls in Chicago

One thing is for sure…we are going to hunt for more murals in Chicago. Oh I’ve missed that exploration! We found this floral (spring bloom) mural a week ago and I just fell in love with it! It’s located at The Violet Hour in Wicker Park (1520 N. Damen) by artist Katie Meuser (@klmeuser). It is here temporarily as the art work on this wall changes frequently. But just like spring in Chicago, the blooms don’t last long. So get here while it’s up!

Have a Picnic Under the Cherry Blossoms

Speaking of murals with flower in Chicago, our plan is to catch the cherry blossoms during full bloom in Jackson Park and have a family picnic there. We were in Jackson Park on the southside last year for the cherry blossoms and loved it. This year we’ll have two more people to enjoy it with.

Spend Spring Break in Charleston, SC

Unlike last year’s spring break when we went to Paris and Amsterdam, we are keeping our spring break travel closer to home this year. Mainly because it will be the twins’ first flight. We figured a short 2 hour flight is good practice for all of us. I’ve been wanting to visit Charleston for a few years now. So it just seemed like a good choice. Wish us luck on traveling with twins!

Ride on the Same Swing Together

Cruz and Levi Sharing a swing

I have to admit…twins sharing a swing together is the cutest twin thing we’ve done so far! Cruz and Levi rode on the same swing this weekend at Oz Park and I couldn’t get enough of it. I’m going to try to put them on the same swing until they grow out of it!

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