How Working Out Has Been Fun Again and How I Did It

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Midtown Athletic Club. All text, pictures, and opinions are my own. 


Before I got pregnant with Luke I used to run 5 miles on the treadmill every morning. I felt like I was in the best shape of my life and had a great routine going. I actually enjoyed running a lot! I even ran and finished the Chicago Marathon (with my work travels, I was an accountant/road warrior). Also, before I had Luke I thought I would be able to manage taking care of him, working full-time, and getting my 5 mile run every day. I was wrong.

My first time working out again after having Luke did not feel as great as I thought it would be. I treaded running on the treadmill and the rowing machine just wasn’t doing it for me. Then I found myself not having the time to go to the gym and when I did, I was too tired to even want to get out of the house. Getting some shut eye was more important. So I stopped.

I started working out again a few years ago, when Charlie and I were in a good routine with Luke and I was determined to make the time to work out.  But I found myself thinking I wanted something different to motivate me.

Looking back, I’ve realized that I was trying to stick to the old routine, which didn’t seem be working or enjoyable anymore. With major life changes (like having a baby), those old routines just didn’t seem to fit into my current lifestyle. I knew I wanted to stay active but I didn’t know what I could do to make it happen.




In September, we took a tour of the newly renovated Midtown Athletic Club Chicago and were pleasantly surprised to see what it had to offer. Midtown Chicago has more than just tennis (but I do want to take lessons there one day). In fact, Midtown Chicago has everything I wanted in one space – a huge indoor pool and sun deck, separate yoga, Pilates, spin, boxing, and group fitness studios, a rooftop deck with great views of the Chicago skyline, 15 indoor tennis courts, a full service spa (still under construction) and Kidtown Kids Club for Luke to play in while I work out. Oh and there is a big space for weight and cardio equipment too (just in case I want to visit the treadmill again). I was a bit overwhelmed during the tour but knew that I was in love with the place.





I’ve been going to Midtown Chicago to work out for the past two months.  I have this renewed energy to work out again. I’ve been taking mostly the yoga, group exercise, and spinning classes at Midtown Chicago more than using their cardio equipment. I needed the variety of things to do and the chance to try different and new work outs to see what I liked the most. So far it’s yoga and spinning. I guess I’ve outgrown the treadmill?

The design of the club feels and looks very natural (lots of natural wood). The club is pretty big so there was is plenty of room to move around, and Midtown Chicago offers a variety of things for me to do so that I don’t feel like I’m in a routine when I’m there. And still think there’s so much more to explore and experience, which makes this mom/city explorer very happy!




Although I don’t think it’s a good idea for Luke to be working out side by side with me, there’s a fun place for him to hang out while I take some classes –  Kidtown Kids Club, a space for kids to play in while parents work out. It is complimentary for members with family memberships and includes 2.5 hours of childcare.

We’ve made great use of the club’s pools as a family since Luke loves the water. The first thing we did as a family at Midtown Chicago was enjoy the sundeck on one of the hottest days of year in Chicago, which happened to be in mid-September. It was the perfect place to stay cool that day and for us to hang out as a family.


We also used in the indoor pool when it was really cold a few weeks ago. I think Luke and I were in the pool for a total of 2 hours. We both looked like raisins but it was a great work out for me being in the water with Luke and being able to spend some fun time together.



The club offers so many group classes that it’s a great way for me and my friends to meet up and work out at the same time. My friend Tabitha and I took a candlelight yoga class with live music in the Samadhi Studio one Sunday night (I’m still in love with the two giant trees in that studio). We both needed the class since we had such a hectic weekend. It was a great way to unwind and hang out with a friend.


I haven’t done spinning in a long time but I couldn’t pass up the spinning class that only played Michael Jackson, Prince and Whitney Houston songs. I invited my friend Janene to the class with me and we were singing at the top of our lungs and spinning at the same time. I left that class feeling like I can sing more 80’s music. Janene and I headed over to the Chromium, the club’s restaurant for some freshly made smoothies and sat in the common area to talk about our kids and other random things. But it was a great way to get a work out in and to catch up.




I used to go to the gym just for the treadmill. But my life has changed so much since then that I currently need more than the treadmill. I need to know that I have a lot of choose from because I love trying something new or change up my routine a bit so I don’t get bored.

I could spend a whole day at the club….doing everything from a group class, to a spa treatment, to having a drink at the restaurant because it’s so convenient. And I don’t have to trek all over town to do all that.

I haven’t done everything that Midtown Chicago has to offer in the last two months but I know I want take a tennis lesson, have Luke take tennis lessons, take a boxing class, and maybe do a yoga class with Luke.

I guess that’s also the fun part…having something to look forward to!


Thank you Midtown Athletic Club for partnering on this post! 






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    LOOOOOVE this!! It’s everything I’ve wanted to post, yet haven’t had time to do. Too bad for my local gym… 🙂 . Yay for yours and YOU!! By the way, you look AMAZING!!


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