Let’s Celebrate! Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year has been a year of great transformation for me. I want thank my little family for all their love and support (of my crazy ideas for adventures) in helping me through this transformation.

I’m learning to let things go and in the process, my creativity has begun to re-emerge. This has brought so much joy to me and my mental health. I found so much joy putting this collage of fall leaves and miniature pumpkins on top of an ice cream cone together. It was a mini adventure to go around the neighborhood looking for colorful leaves fall leaves in Chicago. And is there such a thing as pumpkin ice cream? Probably since there is pumpkin everything lately.

I’m also learning to let people in again and thankful for the new friendships and for the long lasting ones for their continued acceptance of me.

I hope you have a beautiful and bountiful day of love today. Just like Lloyd Dobler from the movie, “Say Anything,” I’m blasting out a huge thank you to you! Thank you for reading my blog and for your continued support.

Thank you Rockets of Awesome for Luke’s awesome holiday box! We love it! See my original review of the service here.

One thought on “Let’s Celebrate! Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

  1. laurenkahan says:

    I’ve been LOVING the “year of Leyla” and the creativity that has come with it. More importantly, I’ve loved the confidence of the posts, and how much I can FEEL that YOU love what you’re posting about!

    Side note. I love the pumpkin “ice cream”, and YES, to answer your question…they DO have it. And it’s YUMMY! The other weird ice cream we had on our honeymoon in the French Polynesian Islands was TARO! OMG, SO GOOD!! I think it’s a root vegetable, but don’t quote me on that right now haha 🙂 . Just trust me. GET IT!


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