Let’s Read! Luke’s Review of His “I See Me!” Personalized Books


I’m so amazed by Luke’s progress since starting kindergarten, especially with his love for reading. He reads street signs when we’re out and about or just about anything he sees. In fact, Charlie and I can’t spell out words anymore because Luke picks up on what we’re spelling when we are talking to each other. You know, when I want to say “Where is the C.A.N.D.Y.?” Luke can sound it out and then ask about candy. I think we are in trouble….LOL!

He loves to read both his own and with us. It makes me happy because literacy is very important to me. To me, knowing how to read leads to more creativity and imagination.

So when I See Me! (a book company that publishes personalized books for kids) reached out to me to send us with two personalized books to review, I happily accepted! I mean, one of the books is about a road trip across the U.S.A. with a picture of Luke driving a car around the country. Did I mention he loves cars too? The other book is about Luke’s Very Own Christmas. which is also personalized and comes with a personalized ornament with his picture on it.

I like the books because they keep Luke engaged and further support his love of reading.  Instead of reviewing the books myself, I decided that it would be fun to ask Luke some questions about the books to provide his honest and candid review of each of them.


When Luke first saw his “My U.S.A. Road Trip” personalized story book, he was quite surprised because a picture of his face was on the cover. He knew the book was meant just for him. Then he saw himself driving a car (mind-blown!). Since we love to travel, I knew he would be interested in knowing more about the different states and his own state, Illinois. The My U.S.A. Road Trip book comes with a scratch off map, which has been a fun activity to do.



Do you like your “My U.S.A. Road Trip” book?  

Luke:  Yes

What do you like about your “Luke’s U.S.A. Road Trip” book?

Luke:  My picture is on it and I am driving a convertible car, which means I have a driver’s license.

After reading the book, what are your favorite states and why?

Luke: Illinois because we live here. California because there are a lot of beaches and I want to see the Golden Gate Bridge. I love Hawaii because it’s warm everyday (we went on vacation there last year).

Besides the pictures of you, what do you think about the illustrations/pictures in the book? 

Luke: I liked seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and the pictures of the old presidents on the mountain.

Did you like reading the story of you driving across the U.S.A.?

Luke: Yes because it talks about all the states. I want to go to every state.

Which state will you scratch off first on your map?

Luke: Illinois because we live there.


The personalized My Very Own Christmas Book by I See Me! comes with a personalized ornament. I thought the arrival of this book is perfect for the holiday season and possibly a gift idea for Luke’s cousins. The book is different from the My U.S.A. Road Trip book each page does not have a picture of Luke in it, instead the book has illustrations of Luke based on my description of him (hair color, eye color and age). The book also uses the letters of his first and last name to incorporate into the storyline.



Do you like your My Very Own Christmas book?

Luke:  Yes.

What do you like about your Luke’s Very Own Christmas book?

Luke:  I like the words. Really the letters of my name on the pages. And it spells out my full name.

What do you think about the illustrations/pictures?

Luke: They are very colorful and fun. They make Christmas look very fun!

Have you been a good kid this year and what will you ask Santa? 

Luke: Yes! Lots of cars. I love cars. Anki Overdrive to be exact.


Thank you I See Me! for sending us the books to review. All opinions and pictures are my own.

This holiday, I See Me! has partnered with the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Anyone can make a lasting gift of kindness by writing a letter of encouragement to a child with cancer at www.iseeme.com/letters. For every 50 letters the I See Me receives, they will donate a copy of My Very Own Christmas or A Hanukkah Bear for Me to a child through CCRF. And every purchase at I See Me! this holiday will benefit CCRF.




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