Let’s Celebrate! Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Medieval Times

Last Sunday we tried something different. We ventured out to the suburbs – to Schaumburg to be exact.  We did something I never thought I’d do, we went to Medieval Times! And it was so fun and such an adventure!

There are only a handful Medieval Times locations in the city and we are lucky to have one so close to us. The one in Schaumburg is just minutes from O’Hare. When driving west on 1-90, you can’t miss the huge castle.  When we entered the castle, the decor and the size of the interior kind of took you back in time. I know for kids, it would most likely stimulate their imagination.



Upon arrival, we were greeted by some nice lords and ladies to give us our seating tickets and paper crowns. We were given the red tickets and red crowns. Then we got to take pictures with the princess. Afterwards, we entered the seating area where we were shown our seats.




At first, Luke wanted nothing to do with the castle and what was inside it until he saw the procession and all the horses. Then he really got into it!  So much so that he asked if he could have a sword so he can wave it around. Charlie and I had such a great a time watching Luke’s eyes and amazement. That’s when I knew I needed to put my camera down and “be present”.  As a parent, to watch your child experience and react to something they like for the first time is truly the best reward.


Speaking of rewards, we were seated in the red area, which meant we had to cheer for the red knight. It turned out that our red knight won the jousting tournament!

The show included a four-course meal followed by a live jousting tournament. Our four course meal included garlic bread, tomato soup, half a rotisserie chicken with corn and potato, and an apple pastry as dessert. Trust me, it was more than enough food! The service was great, too! And…the jousting tournament was pretty exciting to watch as there was lots of action and sword fighting.


1. If you’re coming from the city, leave at least an hour before the show starts. You never know with Chicago traffic.

2. Remember when I said this place takes you back in time? Well, there are no utensils to eat your food. Which is probably how it was like back then.

3. Just because there’s no utensils, doesn’t mean there’s no alcohol for the non-designated driving adult. The place serves alcohol, either at the bar or by the server.

4. After the show, make sure to venture around as there are plenty of things to see, including photo ops.

I’m glad we went on Sunday since it was a fun adventure since neither Charlie and I had ever been to Medieval Times so it was a first for all of us.

Thank you Medieval Times for inviting u . The opinions and pictures in this post are my own.



4 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate! Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

    • Second City Mom says:

      I think Luke brought the red knight some good luck! But yes…smoke on the field was pretty cool. I wanted to take more of those since it looks so dramatic. But you know..I was too busy eating with my fingers. LOL!

  1. laurenkahan says:

    Oh!!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to one of these!! I’m going to google and see if there’s one in Seattle!! I’ve never heard of anyone going around here, but after seeing it in a few movies I’ve always thought it would be so fun!!! Now that I’ve seen your pics, I’m determined!!! Plus…Maya and I both love eating with our fingers… 😬🙊🙈😜

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