Let’s Explore! Art in Grant Park



Awhile ago, I read this article on DNAinfo about new public art that will be displayed in Grant Park – “The Artists Monument.” What caught my interest was that the art work is multicolored. I really think Chicago should have more bright and vibrant colors in the city, from public art to architecture. So when I saw this, I immediately planned to go there and take a few pictures.



The Artists Monument is designed by Tony Tasset  and is an 80-foot-long, multicolored block (made of two storage containers covered in acrylic panels) etched with the names of hundreds of thousands of artists. I tried looking for Picasso’s name but I admit I was overwhelmed with so many names that I give up. Ha!



I came here early on a Saturday morning, when hardly anyone was out. This was the first time I used my tripod and my camera’s self timer to take pictures of myself.  And the first time was doing a shoot all by myself. To be honest, I wasn’t even embarrassed when people passed me by and giving me strange looks. Because I was doing my “thing” – learning something new with my camera and tripod. It was a bit muddy that morning since it rained/snowed the night before. So running back and forth from the tripod took some maneuvering. I mean…I didn’t want to slip and fall.  Thank goodness I didn’t. But if I did, I think I would have just packed everything up and run back to my car in embarrassment.

I’m kind of proud of myself for shooting these pictures on my own. But I did miss the chaos of having Luke and Charlie around. I think I work better under stress. I love the element of surprise. Especially when you get a great picture and it wasn’t even planned. When you just let life do the “posing” and you do the framing. I’m not saying I’m not doing anymore of these self portraits but I know what I like more.


About the location

The art piece is located near the east side of Michigan Avenue at 9th Street.



3 thoughts on “Let’s Explore! Art in Grant Park

  1. laurenkahan says:

    OMG!! Yay, yay, YAY for YOU!! A new world will open up now that you use the tripod! And, wow you went balls out the first try at a totally open spot-go YOU! I loved all the images before I knew you did them on your own, and now I love them even more! xx

  2. My Urban Family says:

    Don’t ever let someone’s look while you’re taking a photo bother you! It’s about a million times better than a selfie stick! ha And I love that new piece of art – I’ve been meaning to take my camera over and check it out more closely.

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