Let’s Explore! Maple Grove Forest Preserve

Hi! It’s been awhile. My only excuses for not blogging are 1) Intstagram was more instant to tell my story;  2) I didn’t want to edit photos because it felt too time consuming; and 3) I haven’t had time. But I’ve decided it’s time to blog again. Change things around a bit. Hopefully telling a better story here and devoting more time to the blog rather than Instagram.

Fall has left Chicago but I wanted to hold onto it one last weekend. So we ventured out to Maple Grove Forest Preserve in Downer’s Grove today. I saw a picture on google that the forest preserve had lush yellow trees in the fall. It took us an hour to drive out there and as you can see, the yellow leaves were gone. All that was left were leaves on the ground. I was a bit bummed because what I had envisioned was not there. But…Luke loved it. He brought his garden gloves and used them to pick up all kinds of sticks. Such good planning on his part to bring gloves. How did he know? Although we didn’t get the golden leaves we were looking for, we took advantage of the golden hour and were even able to use my tripod for a family portrait.

Until next time, Fall, we will catch you before you leave us.



Can I tell you how much I love this GapKids Peacoat on Luke? I bought it last year on sale in a size 3T. It was a bit too big for him then but fits him perfectly this season. I’m keeping my eyes out for a sale for this year’s coat so Luke will be wearing peacoats for many seasons to follow.



I’ve been an avid shopper of Anthropologie for years but for some reason this past year, I’ve been shopping there like crazy! I ordered this Anthropologie Devery Shirtdress a week ago at full price. Then found out they marked the dress down to $79.99. I called customer service and was able to get a price adjustment. How cool is that? Maybe this is one of the reasons why I love Anthropologie. Such great customer service with the cutest dresses.

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