Let’s Dress Up! The La Superbe Sweatshirt

I have been obsessed with Sezane since I discovered the brand a few years ago. And I’ve been obsessed with the La Superbe sweatshirt. I wasn’t quick enough to buy the sweatshirt when it was originally sold because the brand only sells limited quantities for a limited amount of time. So when I heard that Sezane was partnering with Madewell and the collection included my much sought after sweatshirt, I purchased it immediately. I ordered a size large as sizing for Madewell and Sezane may run “small” for me. I’m glad I did. I’ve been wearing this sweatshirt with everything and most recently, I paired it with a blue/grey tulle skirt from Anthropologie. I waited for it to snow to have my husband snap some pictures. I normally wear a heavy coat during the winter so these pictures are deceiving. I was only coatless to take a few pictures.




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