Let’s Eat! Lunch at Wasabi

It’s been a very long and cold winter in Chicago. The only good thing about this kind of weather is a nice warm bowl of noodles, ramen noodles especially. Last week we stopped by Wasabi for some ramen noodles. We have been here before and loved it so much to come back. They even had highchairs (yay!). Although a whole bowl of ramen would be too hot for Luke to eat and a tad bit too much, we were able to order items from the menu for him. As he loves beef, we got a beef skewer and he shared the ramen noodles with me. And by the pictures, he absolutely loved it!

Most of us think of ramen noodles from the cup of noodles or cheap packaged ramen from college. But ramen at Wasabi  is a gourmet. To me, it was comfort food.

I ordered the miso ramen. The broth was very flavorful, rich, and hearty. I can tell the broth was brewing in the pot for awhile. The noodles tasted very fresh, the egg was perfectly cooked and the pork was deliciously tender. Charlie ordered the spicy ramen and I think the main difference between his and mine was the spice.

Wasabi is BYO, which is an added bonus. They do not take reservations and I heard that it gets really busy in the evenings. We were lucky on the day we went that there was no wait but noticed that the restaurant filled up while we were there.

Wasabi bar

Wasabi fan

Beef skewer for Luke, he loved it!

Beef skewer for Luke, he loved it!

Miso ramen bowl. So hearty, so comforting.

Miso ramen bowl. So hearty, so comforting.

Spicy ramen

Spicy ramen

Luke devouring ramen noodles

Luke devouring ramen noodles




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