Picture of the Week: Our Christmas Tree

This picture was inspired by a picture I saw in a Parents magazine last year. I knew immediately that I wanted to try something like this for Luke.

Cozy Coupe Christmas Tree

On Saturday, we put the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe in the trunk of the car hoping to find a Christmas tree lot so that we can take some pictures with it….and to buy a Christmas tree for our house, of course. Unfortunately, most of the lots were sparse due to the short holiday season and the fact that we waited until late in the season to buy a tree. We finally found a tree lot at Jayson Home. We picked this lot because there were some trees against the brick wall of building and lots of snow on the ground. But just as our luck would have it, Luke fell asleep while we were driving around looking for a tree and was not awake when we got to Jayson Home. I almost gave up on this picture opportunity but when we loaded our Christmas tree on our car, Luke woke up (yay!).  So Charlie and I immediately got the Cozy Coupe out of the trunk, found a small tree in the lot to tie on the Cozy Coupe, and tried our best to put Luke in his car. You can imagine Luke’s reaction. I mean waking up and your two weirdo parents taking you out of your comfortable car seat to put you in a plastic car in the cold. Yes, I’m crazy.

He was not a happy baby. We tried coaxing him but he was not smiling or laughing. I took a lot of pictures hoping we can get at least one good one. The people running the lot were so nice to let us take pictures and thought it was the cutest idea. In fact, they ended up giving us the small tree to take home. I think we will go back to this lot next year just because of the good service and generosity of the staff.

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