Let’s Celebrate! Our Family Christmas Card

2013 can go down as the year that we did the most photoshoots with professional photographers. So I wanted to a Christmas card that showcased all the pictures.

My coworker and friend told me about Pear Tree Greetings a few years ago and has even used and sent Pear Tree designed Christmas cards to send out over the past few years.  I have browsed Pear Tree’s website and have found their cards, designs, and layout to be very unique.

So this year, I’ve decided to use a folded design from Pear Tree and it came with a ribbon, no less! I uploaded the photos I wanted to use and placed the order on Cyber Monday when Pear Tree was having their 40% off sale (yay). I picked this thread the ribbon booklet design because I wanted to show our spring  and fall photoshoots and the designed provided just the right amount of photos. The cards were delivered within a week and included the envelopes and black ribbons. I was very impressed with the quality of the card stock. Our pictures came out beautifully on the paper and they looked VERY professional. I did not choose the option to have it assembled so I had to string the ribbon myself. I took quite awhile to assemble but I think it was worth. I felt that I put some “real” work into the card, besides uploading the photos and placing them in the appropriate boxes.

Overall, I am very happy with our 2013 Christmas cards. I think it’s the best card yet! I’m not sure how I’ll outdo myself next year but I think Pear Tree will help me find the right card by then.



Inside of card

Inside of card

Back of card

Back of card


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