My Food Obession: Chia Te Pineapple Pastry

A coworker introduced me to the Chia Te pineapple pastry when she brought them to the office, after her visit home from Taiwan. She told me it was very popular in Taiwan and that I should taste why. I gave them a try and have loved them ever since. There’s something about this pastry that makes it irresistible. I mean, I can’t just have one. I have to savor every bite since there’s nothing like it here in the States. So when I found out she was going back to Taiwan, I asked her to buy me a whole box. She was kind enough to do so. She told me that because of the upcoming Harvest Moon festival, she had to wait in line for almost two hours for these. Needless to say I owe her more than the cost of the box…probably a few lunches, which I’m happy to do.

Before I finish off the whole box, I had to take some pictures and have a mini Harvest Moon Festival celebration with my very own box of pineapple pastries.






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