Let’s Eat! Brunch at Hutch

I’ve been wanting to eat at Hutch because they have been posting some tasty pictures of their food on their Facebook page. The restaurant is at the former Socca space and when Socca closed, Hutch took over the space and the Facebook page. That’s how I was able to see all the great food the new restaurant is offering.

We went to Hutch on a rainy Sunday morning for brunch. We parked in front of the restaurant and didn’t have to pay the meter because it was Sunday (yay!). And, we didn’t have to wait for a table, thank goodness as Luke can get impatient. I requested to be seated by the window so I would get good lighting. I just love the way the windows wrap around the restaurant so you can see all the action on Clark street. The restaurant is very kid-friendly. They were prepared with a high chair for Luke. The restaurant doesn’t have a “kid’s menu” for brunch but I don’t think that’s necessary as most of the side dishes are the perfect serving size for an 18-month old. Another reason Hutch is kid-friendly is because kids eat for free on Sundays from 5:00 – 6:30 pm, which is around our prime time to dine for a baby….Perfect! Overall, I was very happy with the attentive service we received even when the restaurant got busy.

Of course, we started our brunch with a pair of Bloody Mary’s. I ordered the vegetarian bloody and Charlie got the traditional. This is the first time I’ve ever had a green bloody and it was very good and refreshing. It wasn’t too strong so I consider that to be perfect. The traditional bloody had a smokey flavor and a kick, the way Charlie likes it. We were impressed that each bloody came with a chaser, which makes them “proper” Bloody Mary’s.

IMG_6459Charlie and I shared the shrimp and grits and croissant french toast. I have to admit the croissant french toast was my favorite because it was soft and filled with marscapone. It wasn’t too sweet, even with the syrup, and very easy to eat. Oh, it wasn’t messy either, meaning I didn’t get sticky fingers from eating it. I gave some for Luke to try and he loved it. He wanted more and showed it by using the sign language for “more” each time he finished a bite. The shrimp and grits dish was equally delicious. The restaurant gave us a generous amount of shrimp. The sauce on the shrimp complimented with the grits just perfectly. Charlie and I both agreed that this could easily be a dinner entree.



IMG_6474Last, but not least, we ordered a side order of biscuits and gravy for Luke. He loved every bite of it. He was only able to finish one biscuit and mom and dad helped him finish the rest.


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