My Cadillac Road to Table Experience

A few weeks ago, I got an invitation in the mail to preview the 2013 Cadillac ATS for their “Road to Table” event. The envelope said that it was presented by Cadillac and Bon Appetit magazine. I turned the invitation over to see that there was a private dining experience with the award winning Chef Paul Virant of Perennial Virant. The invitation also said there would be culinary demonstrations and an intimate dinner party and dessert afterglow. So immediately, I went online to RSVP.

So on Wednesday of last week, we got a babysitter (Uncle Vince) and headed to the River East Art Center to start our Road to Table night. We signed up and then got into a brand new ATS (oh, how I love the new car smell). Charlie drove the car, a representative was in the back seat telling us about the features, as we drove to the restaurant. Not once did we feel any pressure to buy the car. They just wanted to experience or get to know the car. The car looked sporty and the interior looked modern and chic. Charlie loved how the car felt and the “pick up. I liked all the cool gadgets and the back lights.

(I forgot to bring my DSLR so the pictures below are with my iPhone.)


That’s us inside the River East Art Center waiting for our car.

20130903-204213.jpg  20130903-204232.jpg

The car and the interior.



The restaurant was closed so they can host this event. Chef Virant came out from the kitchen to talk about each dish. I was great to hear where he got the ingredients and how he prepared each dish. I can’t cook, but I love hearing a chef talking about how they prepared the food. It’s music to my ears!

My picture of the menu wasn’t the greatest. So here’s a summary of our dinner. It was a three course meal with wine pairing.

Appetizer:   Crispy Carnaroli rice cake with brunkow cheese curds, pea shoots, and smoked onion vinaigrette, paired with Chateau Peyruchet Sauvignon Blanc 2011. Delicious!!!

Main course:    Grilled Slagel Farm beef loin, polenta, summer beans with pesto, smoked pepper and tomato relish. Paired with Bodehas Alletta “Vweaz” Garnacha 2010. The polenta was the bomb! Chef Virant event talked about how he prepared it. It was the creamiest polenta I’ve ever tasted.

Dessert:  Apple Cake, Bourbon caramel sauce, sarket grapes, vanilla ice cream. Paired with Stefano Farina Moscato D’Asti 2012. I didn’t get to take a picture of this dish because it was so good I forgot.

20130903-204332.jpg 20130903-204342.jpg 20130903-204355.jpg

After dinner, Escalades were waiting for us up front to drive us back to the River East Art Center. There, we had desserts catered by the Boka Group and coffee from Big Shoulders Coffee. Also there, we were able to preview more the cars. But no one was forcing to buy a Cadillac. We just enjoyed our time and enjoyed looking at the Cadillacs.

20130903-204407.jpg 20130903-204431.jpg 20130903-204419.jpg

When we left, we got a swag bag which included Chef Virant’s cook book, Bon Appetit magazine, and a small bamboo cutting board.


Overall, this was a great marketing event for Cadillac. It was a very elegant night. We got to meet a few interesting people and were able to have a “date night.” We are in the market to buy a car, possibly a Cadillac CTS wagon or SRX SUV now. Cadillac, you may have gotten my business.

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