Picture of the Week: the Monarch Butterfly


The other day I noticed a butterfly on our balcony and didn’t think anything of it until Charlie told me it was Monarch Butterfly. It wasn’t until I watched a documentary about these butterflies years ago, how they travel back to a forest in Mexico during a certain time of the year, that I found an appreciation for them. I remember seeing these butterflies all the time growing up in Albuquerque and didn’t really care about them back then.  Charlie told me that these butterflies are a rare sight in the city and that I should take some pictures.

While I was taking the pictures, Charlie searched the symbolism of the Monarch Butterfly and found that they symbolize hope, restoration, and renewal. Then I realized that this butterfly couldn’t come at a better time in my life. I think I’m going through some type of transformation with certain relationships in my life and have been resisting the change for awhile. But after seeing this butterfly and knowing what it symbolizes, I have finally come to the realization to let go and start a new journey in my life. I have to thank my sweet husband for searching what this butterfly meant because before that, I wasn’t feeling myself. Now, I just feel a positive sense of renewal.

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