Let’s Decorate! the General Manners Print


I saw this print when I was in the lady’s room at Peche restaurant in New Orleans. And yes, I had to have it. I searched Google for it and found it. The makers are The Old Try, from Massachusetts. If you’re from the South or have some ties to the South, this is a great website to purchase prints with clever and witty messages.  You can find out more about their story on their website, and I’m sure you’ll love it.  I ordered the grey and teal print. The quality of the paper is very high and it’s individually numbered.

I went to Artists Frame Service on Clybourn to get it framed. It took a couple of visits until I found the frame that was perfect for this print. It’s not black, just a touch of dark teal, and a little rustic on the edges…it just felt like the right frame and seemed to complement the print and color. I thought Artist Frame Service did a great job. I’ve had other prints framed there before because I feel that they have a wide selection, high level of customer service, and it’s convenient to home.

I think the print sends a good message to all us new parents. We can teach our kids manners, not only in terms of behavior, but in what they say. I placed this print on the first floor where we can see it every day as a reminder to teach Luke to say those phrases and for our guests to follow our house rules. (hehehe). I just hope Charlie and I can remind ourselves to teach Luke these words every day (well, when he can start talking).







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