Luke’s Kidzapalooza Experience at Lollapolooza

Lollapalooza isn’t for teenagers, college students, hipsters, and the cool people…it’s also for kids. Yes, you read that right. Kids. When I purchased my tickets, my coworker told me that there’s a Kidzapalooza where kids can get in for free (with parents’ tickets, of course). I knew immediately that I wanted to bring my Sweet Baby Luke.

We took Luke on Sunday and it couldn’t have been a nicer day. 75 degrees, clear skies an no humidity. We got there early and it was great because there was hardly anyone there. We didn’t have to zigzap our way around, especially with a stroller.  People were probably hung over from the night before. I felt that Grant Park was all ours. We got coffee and some food for breakfast, then headed over to the Kidzapalooza space.

The Kidzapalooza space was very cute. It had lots of room for the kids to run around, a stage for the performers, activity tents, and lots of shade. Luke got to experience hip hop, got his hair colored (sprayed), and bang on the drums. This was a great way for kids to learn and appreciate music. I know Luke was a little young to appreciate all this but I really hope he grows up to love music as much as I do. I would like to thank the organizers for thinking of parents with kids. We made the most of our three-day passes by giving Luke a little taste of the great festival!

Of course, I had to dress Luke up in festival style…for kids. He had to dress the part, right?











Luke free-styling with the rappers

Luke free-styling with the rappers






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