My First Lollapalooza Experience

When I heard that New Order, The Killers, and Vampire Weekend were going to be on the lineup at Lollapalooza, I knew I had to go!

I was lucky enough to purchase our three-day passes before they sold out. My husband and I took Friday off and spent the day at the festival. Then got a babysitter for Sweet Baby Luke so we could see New Order and The Killers. I had a great time! I love that it was in Grant Park and the city skyline was the perfect backdrop. I thought the organizers did a great. Tons of good food (with short lines), bathrooms, shades, and something for everyone. It did rain on Friday but not even for the “mud people” to come out 🙂

The food selection was various and the quality was beyond mediocre. It was great for foodies! We tried the lobster corndog from Grahamwich, rainbow ice cream, and lots of beer.

On Friday night, I got to see New Order and The Killers perform. Both were great performances and I’m so glad I got to finally see both bands in one night. New Order got the crowd (mainly people my age) dancing and The Killers just got the crowd crazy and me crazy! I loved the energy of both shows and the energy of Lollapalooza.

I highly recommend this festival to anyone living in Chicago. Yes, the crowds may be young but I think that Grant Park is big enough that you can find your own little place. We did and we loved it! Below are some pictures of my experience








Lobster corndog from Grahamwich


Rainbow ice cream


Friday night. Red Bull Stage..After The Killers’ awesome performance

I had to add a few photos of the dress code for the festival….one which I could not pull off. When did high-waisted short shorts become trendy? And where do they sell those things? Someone must be getting rich. I must be old…because I don’t find that style of shorts fashionable. Kids nowadays…LOL!


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