Picture of the week: Note to self

I don’t often like getting in front of the camera because to be honest, I’m not happy with the way I look. I have 20 lbs to lose, and I always find a flaw with myself (I look fat, I don’t like my hair, my skin looks bad). But most of the time, it’s because I know I have a lot of weight to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy self.  It’s hard to see yourself in front of the camera. I’m my own worst critic. It hasn’t been the easiest for me to lose my pregnancy weight. I wish I had more time to work out. Most of all, I wish I would eat healthier. Often times, I look at other moms and wonder how their stomachs are so flat, how they look so fit,  and how they did it.

This weekend we went to Millennium Park for the free Wiggleworms class and for Luke to play in the fountain. I was doing my usual by taking pictures until my husband told me he wanted to take a pictures of me and Luke. Below is the final product. I can tell you what I don’t like about the photo (mainly me, my hair, how I thought my new chambray top made me look slim but didn’t, my make-up, etc.) including the fact that it’s out of focus. But after looking at the photo, I can tell you that I absolutely love it! I love how took the theme of lips (the fountain background and us), and  I love how he was able to capture what Luke and I were about to share…. a kiss.

My note to myself: Overlook all your flaws in your picures. Take more photos with Luke.  Treasure all your photos that you are in with Luke. When you look back on them, you will not see your flaws but realize how great you guys look together. (I have to add that I need to take more pictures with my husband too!)IMG_5744

4 thoughts on “Picture of the week: Note to self

  1. Elina says:

    Hi, Leyla! It’s Elina. I got to your blog via the link you shared on FB. Thank you for this post, Leyla! I needed this. I shy away from the camera too, but when the girls get older, I’m going to regret not having more pics with them. And you’re totally right. We are our own worst critic. I look at your pic with Luke, & I see the love between a beautiful mom and her baby! You’re gorgeous! Keep blogging & keep taking pics! 🙂

    • Second City Mom says:

      Hi Elina! Thank you for the kind words and for visiting my blog! You are too sweet! I hope to see more pictures of you and your beautiful girls from now on!! You guys make an adorable family.

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