Let’s Eat! Brunch at GT Fish & Oyster

Last weekend, da hubs, Sweet Baby Luke, and I stopped by GT Fish & Oyster for brunch….and it was sooo good. So, I had to return this week. I went with my friend, Thuy. Last week, I ordered the biscuit with lobster gravy and I swear I could’ve stayed and eaten 10 more!

I’ve been to GT Fish & Oyster for dinner and new year’s eve. The menu is small plates meant to be shared. It can be pretty tough to get a reservation here for dinner. Getting a table for brunch is a lot easier and the food is just as tasty.

This week, I remembered to bring my camera. I ordered the crab benedict with a side of Nueske bacon. My drink of choice was the Bellini. I’m practicing with this food photography thing..sorry if the pictures are not that great.






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