My Favorite Style Dress from J.Crew – The Tiered Poplin

Every once in awhile a dress comes along that makes me break one of my rules – don’t buy the same dress in multiple prints/colors. Of course that rule does go against the advice I’ve heard for most of my life – if you find something that fits you well, buy it in multiple colors.

You see, during the past several years, I’ve tried to minimize my wardrobe for the sake of living with less clothes and keep only what I wear. I’ve decided that if liked a style of clothing that I just have one of it.

Last year, I purchased the J.Crew tiered popover dress in blue and white poplin stripes and absolutely loved it. I wore it all spring and summer and even to London. It’s so easy to wear and fits into my lifestyle and style! I think J.Crew hit it out of the park in this style (for me!).

I loved the J.Crew tiered popover dress so much that I broke my rule of buying the same thing in different colors and got the dress in the the multi-color stripes (and because it was on sale and at a price I couldn’t resist). I call it my rainbow dress.

This year, J.Crew came out with the tiered poplin dress in different prints and yet again, I got the dress in the Ratti safari print. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. The fabric is a bit thinner than the previous two dresses but I’m not complaining. It’s perfect to wear on a warm summer day. And the jungle print is so fun that I had to take some pictures with it in front of the beautiful mural at Eden in Chicago. I thought the tropical mural and the safari animal prints complimented each other perfectly.

I am currently considering purchasing the leopard dot print dress and the dark spruce (green) dress.

The dresses do run a little large. I’m wearing a medium in them but I’m normally between a medium and large with J.Crew.

Here’s why I love the style so much.

The Tiered Style

This style hides my belly or pouch that I haven’t been able to lose since having the twins. The best part, I can wear it out to dinner and eat as much as I want and can still breath in it.

It Has Pockets!

Wearing a dress with pockets is my jam! Seriously. If a dress has pockets, I’m usually a sucker for it. Are pockets functional? Sometimes. I mean, they are great to put my phone in or put small items in. And a great place to put your hands when taking pictures. haha. But seriously, you can compliment lots of women on their dress they are wearing and I can guarantee you they will mention it has pockets.

The Versatility

I like that I can wear these dresses with almost any shoes – from ballet flats to sandals and even with sneakers. Although I wish the dresses were a bit longer, I still love it. The cotton fabric is lightweight, which makes it easy for packing.

The Price

The dress is at a good price point – about $120. With the many discounts and promotions that J.Crew normally has, the dresses can be under $100.

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