Let’s Celebrate! Cruz and Levi Turn 2

Happy 2nd birthday to my twin babies – Cruz and Levi! I can’t believe they are already 2 years old!!

(Cruz and Levi turned two in July….but I’m just getting around to blogging about it).

We had a small celebration at home and the theme for the twins’ second birthday was “Two Wild” because they are really two wild boys. They keep me and Charlie on our toes. And they love jungle animals (and balloons).

In honor of these twins’ second birthday, I wanted to share a little bit about each of them and what I love about them. They are total opposites and there are more times that they are fighting than getting along. So lots of tantrums from both them. We have definitely hit the Terrible 2’s with these two wild twins! The one thing they have in common is their love for their older brother, Luke. They admire him and do what he does. They love it when they have his attention and you can hear them screaming with joy when Luke plays with them.

My heart is full every time I look at them or hold them. Although it has been hard to manage two rambunctious twin boys, they are truly miracles and have made our family feel complete. The way I see it, all these nights of waking up multiple times and feeling tired on most days are worth it. They make my heart fuller.

Cruz’s Personality

Cruz is like his name – laid back and and somewhat quiet. He is very sweet and a bit of an old soul. He often lets Levi take the lead or have the stage/attention. But when it’s his turn to shine, he will really surprise you with what he’s got up his sleeves. Cruz is such a great helper from trying to find the remote control for me to picking up and cleaning up after him and Levi. Cruz’s fun side is his dancing. He will dance when he hears music playing. I love watching him dance and love dancing with him.

Levi’s Personality

Levi has a big personality. He likes to take charge and is such a quick learner. But he is also very shy. Levi is quite athletic and you can see it with his love of sports, especially soccer (since he sees Luke playing it all the time) and the speed that he runs. I can’t keep up with him sometimes. Levi also loves to dance but he doesn’t want you to watch him, although he likes the positive feedback. I love that Levi likes to take charge. He definitely has the Leo sign in him. I love that he’s the comic relief in our house because I can tell he loves making us laugh and the getting the attention.

About the Jungle Theme Birthday Cake

We ordered cake from Vanille Patisserie and they did a fantastic job with the decorations. I was actually blown away and didn’t want to cut into it. I mean…a cake with macarons on it? The best of both worlds. We eventually did but I had to take a lot of pictures of the cake before that happened! If you haven’t heard of Vanille Patisserie, they are a local Chicago bakery specializing in authentic French pastries. So this Francophile is happy to support them!

About the Jungle Theme Decorations
Two Wild

I was searching for second birthday themes and came across “Two Wild” which I thought fit perfectly with these two wild guys. I ended up purchasing the set from Amazon and blowing up the balloons the night before. Although this saved us some money, I think I could have used my time better by getting Luft Balloon to do it for us.

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