Twin Life with the Baby Bjorn Baby One Carrier Air

We recently partnered with Motherly to take some pictures of us using the new Baby Bjorn baby carriers. It was a fun project and Motherly published the photos (along with a Chicago guide) here.

We registered for the original Baby Bjorn carrier when we had Luke. It was great for when Luke was an infant but he quickly grew out of it and we ended up not using it as much as we had hoped.

With the twins, though, I really wanted to try to use a baby carrier because I know my arms will get tired from carrying both Cruz and Levi all the time, especially when we are out and about. So far, I’ve found it very helpful to have a baby carrier and carrying a baby hands-free is pretty awesome.

So I wanted to give a little review of the Baby Bjorn carriers that we received as part of the partnership with Motherly.

Baby Bjorn 2019 Baby Carrier One Air in black mesh

We got two of the Baby Bjorn 2019 Baby Carrier One Air in black mesh. The reason we chose the mesh is that description said that it was airy and dries easily. As we live in Chicago, I don’t plan to use the baby carrier outdoors much during the winter and that most of the use would be in the summer so mesh and airy seemed make better sense. Looking back, I should’ve gotten the grey one…it just looks better to me for some reason.

What we liked about the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One Air is that we can use this carrier for up to 3 years. With twins, we wanted to make sure that when we get two of something, they should hopefully last a long time or that we get some really good use out of them. Secondly, the fact that we can carry a baby on our back would be so helpful for our travels to Europe (which we haven’t done yet). Lastly, the Baby Bjorn carrier is adjustable and is easy to adjust. But what I really like about the Baby Carrier One is the clips that are used to make sure your baby is secure. There are four clips on the carrier and just being able to hear the clip gives me peace of mind that I’m using the carrier correctly.

A few of the drawbacks from this carrier are that it is quite confusing to put on initially (although there are picture directions inside the carrier to show you or you can watch a video on the website help you see it visually) and the bulkiness of it. But once you get the carrier on the first time, it’s pretty easy after that. The carrier is bulky to me. Maybe because we never really used one with Luke so I’m not used to it but I find it to be somewhat heavy and hard to store, even under a stroller or around the house.

I have to add a disclaimer that we have not used the new Baby Bjorn Carrier One for long to give a more in depth review but these are some of the things I wanted to share so far. I will hopefully try to revisit and update this post with more information as we use the carriers in the coming months.

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