Let’s Explore! The Honey Bears Mural

About four months ago, we drove down Chicago Avenue and noticed a new mural…the honey bears by the artist fnnch, known for many amazing and fun art work but most notably (to me) the honey bears! I’ve seen pictures of the honey bears on Instagram in other cities and have wondered why they haven’t made their way to Chicago. Well, I guess my question was answered back in September when we spotted the four honey bears!

The four honey bears are located in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood on Chicago Avenue just west of Halsted Street (910 W. Chicago Avenue). According to the artist, each of the bears have a connection to Chicago – Mobster Bear, Kanye Bear, Cubs Bear and Cast Iron Pan Bear.

This is such a cute mural to take with your kids! I mean, who doesn’t love honey bears?

We took these pictures of the honey bear murals in Chicago back in September when Cruz and Levi were about two months old. They were tiny little infants in their carseats and the twin snap-n-go seemed so light to push around then. And I was able to carry both them at the same time! I was happy to be able to wear my “mama bear” t-shirt by The Bee and Fox for these pictures. What a perfect shirt for this mural, right?

Luke was happy to be able to do the dab in front the mural. It’s his new thing thanks to a video game that I will not name and that he hasn’t never played. He sees the other kids doing this at school and thinks it’s cool. Yep, one day I will remind him how cool it was to dab (haha!).

This was Cruz and Levi’s first Chicago mural adventure with the family. I hope to take the twins around on a Chicago mural hunting when the weather gets warmer (although I think we might sneak a few more murals in this winter),

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