Let’s Dress Up! Crushing on Everything Blush

It’s taken me a few decades to come around to the color pink again. I used love it as a child but disliked it growing up. Maybe I grew up with brothers or maybe I just thought the color was too soft for my self-proclaimed  tough  exterior.   But just recently, I am falling back in love with pink again (blush especially). I’m thinking that I’ve softened in my old age.

I’ve been seeing the color blush almost everywhere after I proclaimed my love for it. I’ve even been tempted to go out and purchase everything in blush. But my sensible self is telling me that would be total overkill. No wants a middle aged woman to be walking around town in pink….All.The.Time! So instead of going out and buying everything in the same color, I decided to start a Pinterest board for it. And oh wow, I love the way it looks It’s a lot cheaper than buying everything that’s for sure. And by the way,  I decided to restart my Pinterest page again. I gave up on Pinterest after Luke was born because it was I overwhelmed with a new baby and I found the website to be visually overwhelming. But just like the color pink, I’ve come around to it.

My friend Diana and I restarted our ChicagoInColour Instagram account and decided that pink should be our color for April. Yep…just a bit obsessed.

Okay, so now back to the color blush. I purchased this blush top on sale from WHBM a month ago (it’s sold out now) because I thought it would go well with my new Chanel beige flap bag in lambskin.  Yes, I buy clothes to go with my purses instead of the other way around. And yes, I finally splurged on a Chanel bag that I’ve been wanting since last year. I couldn’t stop talking to Charlie about for a whole year. You can imagine him rolling his eyes. It will be my last bag for sure! I had major buyer’s remorse when I got it but decided to keep it since I worked so hard for it and that I truly do like it and will wear it often….such as running errands around town (when these pictures were taken).

A few blush items I’ve been admiring and are on my wishlist are: Scallop Trench Coat from Club MonacoQuay Cherry Bomb Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters; and Eyelet One Shoulder Dress from LOFT.

Thanks to Charlie for putting up with my craziness to take pictures while we were out and about on a Sunday afternoon. He’s been so supportive my creative outlet, especially with me starting up my blog again. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life.


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